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Joseph Farah may have lost control of his own employees, but he can at least take comfort in the fact that he is of one mind with a bunch of dumb white nationalists
In a series of blog posts, VDARE denounces the civil rights icon as a "monster" and "nasty individual" responsible for destroying "first-world South Africa
In an essay posted on VDARE hours after the announcement of Mandela's death, James Kirkpatrick asserts that "The legacy of Nelson Mandela is slow motion white genocide and the ruin of a once great country
Implicit in the rejoicing of the Main Stream Media at his legacy is the idea that South African whites deserve to be murdered, but Mandela magnanimously refrained
This should provide a useful lesson for Western whites who are being reduced to minorities in their own historic homelands
With this claim, Kirkpatrick is desperately hoping that nobody will care enough to point out that Mandela never championed the rights of whites post-apartheid just as strongly as blacks during apartheid
The next day, a blog post by VDARE's Patrick Cleburne asserted that "What America should be celebrating is the courage and wisdom of the leaders of White South Africa in keeping this monster away from power until it was, for his purposes, too late," while John Derbyshire compared the mourning for Mandela to North Korea's mourning of the death of Kim Jong-Il
In the early 7th to 10th century Kings are in charge of the lands which they rule
Kinghts and Warriors are some of the most honored people of this era
When kingdoms are unable to battle their enemies the Kings look to others for help
During King Hrothgar's time monsters are destroying the kingdom and killing many people
Beowulf, a courageous warrior comes the Heorot to help Hrothgar
In the poem "Beowulf," Beowulf fights three monsters, Grendel, Grendel's mother and a dragon, even though he faces bloody battles he conducts himself to guarantee that his legend will live on
There is a monster hovering over Heorot who is considered a threat to the Danes and puts fear into everyone
Grendel is out to kill as many men as he can, "before morning he would rip life from limb and devour them
" Beowulf hears of a monster lurking around the Danes and comes to help
His men are there to help him, but it is up to Beowulf to defeat the monster alone
Even though they try to slash at the monster with their blades, it is no match for Grendel
As soon as Grendel is about to attack Beowulf, "the alert hero's comeback and arm lock forestalled him utterly" (p
This causes great pain for Grendel as he is trapped in Beowulf's arms and can not get out
Afterwards, Beowulf is rewarded greatly by the Danes for his bravery and willingness to fight the monster
a gold standard as a victory gift, an embroidered banner; also breast-mail and a helmet; and a sword carried high" (p
When Beowulf defeats the monster, this makes his reputation stronger
When Gendel's mother comes to Heorot seeking revenge on Beowulf and the Danes for killing her son, Beowulf once again offers his warriors skills
Grendel's mother kills Aeschere and retrieves Grendel's arm
Hrothgar is crushed over the loss of his friend but Beowulf says to him, "it is always better to avenge dear ones than to indulge in mourning" (p
He encourages Hrothgar to take his anger and plan a attack on Grendel's mother
When Beowulf fights Gendel's mother he chooses to fight on his own, but she is too powerful and is able to capture Beowulf
When the sword lent by Unferth fails Beowulf the first time he tries to fight the beast, he is forced to fight with his bare hands
Beowulf uses his strength and courage when "the decorated blade came down ringing and singing on her head
He is able to eventually kill Grendel's mother, once again revealing his brave warrior skills
Once the people know of Grendel's mother's death, they praise Beowulf and give him gifts
They are amazed at his strength and find him to be a great warrior
The battle shows evidence of Beowulf's greatness and continues to build his reputation
Beowulf's bravery is tested in his last fight against the dragon which had burned the land of the Geats and Beowulf's own home
The dragon becomes aggressive after his treasure had been stolen from his cave
Beowulf decides to fight the dragon by himself and takes responsibility for having to defeat it when he tells his warriors that the fight "
is not yours nor is it up to any man except me to measure his strength against the monster or to prove his worth" (p
Because of his old age, Beowulf is not as effective in this battle as he would have been when he was younger but he fights to the end
The dragon meets Beowulf's challenge when he clamps
With his last bit of strength, Beowulf shows his determination to kill the dragon when he stabs it
As Beowulf nears death, he reflects on his life: "I took what came, cared and stood by things in my keeping" (p
Beowulf can rest knowing that he has helped the Danes and his people by leaving them with the riches which were in the dragon's lair
Beowulf's legend will live on because he is cremated out at sea, and the place in which his barrow floats will be remembered by sailors as "Beowulf's Barrow
The poem, "Beowulf," is written by an unknown author during the middle of the 17th and the end of the tenth century
The author describes a great man born to fight and help others
His courage and bravery to fight all three monsters, Grendel, Grendel's mother and the Dragon, win the hearts of the people and earn him the right to be considered a Legend
Every battle he wins, Beowulf is rewarded greatly by the people and King of the land
They create this legacy for Beowulf for generations to remember the great warrior and his efforts to protect the people
What the heck is it about obtaining outcomes that requires us out with the current
The whole notion of not being attached to benefits is a very tricky level to attain and it can be quite tough to not be connected to outcomes simply because after you're functioning very difficult on something, you would like a sure outcome
I feel after you're so targeted on wherever you would like to go, that you miss out to the existing, and when you're not totally present, you aren't going to acquire as excellent as an outcome as should you had been within the second
We have been so targeted on obtaining fast success in everything and at periods we do not embrace the challenging work, sacrifices, blunders, and journey that we go by means of to get all those end results
With this post I'll generally deal with embracing the journey to acquiring outcomes when it involves altering your physique
Believe in me though, the way I will likely be talking about this will have a correlation to other details in life that we would like final results in and it'll be nearly you to find out what to choose away from this posting and implement it on your circumstances
Construct a instruction program and diet plan to some thing that you simply will take pleasure in
I'm a huge believer that when it involves coaching, dieting, and finally altering your physique, you must appreciate that which you're performing to get by far the most out of it
You'll be able to have the most effective routine inside earth but in case you do not like it, you will not want to get the job done challenging at it
You have to learn how to construct your training all around that which you adore to accomplish and this can make you function more difficult at it
Though you would possibly get superior gains doing mid to substantial reps in place of lifting heavy like 4-6 reps, accomplishing that which you take pleasure in is what the heck is finally proceeding to put together you much better benefits since you'll wish to do the job more difficult at it and it really is moving to put together you fired up to do it each and every time
I'm an enormous believer in staying able to consume non-regular food in moderation together with standard meals and the top way I've observed for myself and clientele to perform this really is as a result of counting your macronutrients
Should you sit there and pressure by yourself daily to consume food items you do not get pleasure from, then how are you currently ever before going to be effective in transitioning it right into a lifestyle
When it comes to coaching and dieting, you should not be dreading it, you should be fired up every day to perform everything you must do so you can get closer with your finish end result
In the event you're training, do it since you appreciate it along with your enthusiasm it about it
If you do not adore it and you're only worrying about how to put together a greater physique, then you ought to learn the best way to enjoy it and this will likely make you do the job more challenging and appreciate it so a lot more
Quit generating conclusions for your unsuitable motives
I feel a lot of people today decide to go a sure route with the improper factors, regardless of whether that may be working with medication (steroids), consuming garbage due to the fact buddies do, or whatever
Never get caught up in carrying out what other people are executing, carve your own path when it involves transforming your physique
You'll find a lot of those that inspire me and motivate me when it involves functioning on my physique, but I don't desire to look like them or comply with them
I wish to carve my own route, develop my individual physique, and generate my very own legacy
Be true to everything you imagine in, regardless of what other folks assume or say
You can't sit there and stick to men and women just to make sure you them due to the fact you might by no means ever please everyone
It won't make any difference in case you be successful, fall short, or fall in involving
You're at all times likely to obtain somebody disagree together with your meaning, route, or whatever it is your executing
When it comes to producing a choice about shifting your physique, a great rule of thumb that I generally follow is if it appears very good to generally be accurate, then it in all probability is
Practically nothing good will come with out tough function
Embrace the problem of obtaining to overcome struggles when attempting to alter your physique
As opposed to seated there complaining about getting a lagging body element, check out embracing the problem of having to overcome these deficiencies inside your physique areas
I can not inform you how many individuals have came as much as me at gyms and complained about not possessing big arms, not getting an enormous butt, needing a larger chest, broader shoulders, or thicker legs
I inform individuals people today, the only technique to fix it's to have on the root of the issue, commence strategically organizing on how that you are heading to improve that system component, and basically taking actions
Complaining and whining will not fix your lagging body elements
Greetings true believers - it has been a while since I have been really busy with school work and all
I have seen a few movies, tv specials and have been reading some comics - and I'd like to share their reviews with you now
I do not have enough time or space to go on and on with my rants since I have a lot to cover in a little time: The Simpson's Movie: This is nothing more than a 90 minute episode
What happened to the good ol' days when films based on animated series went ABOVE and beyond what they could typically do in an episode
The whole time this movie was playing, I kept recounting the awesomeness of Transformers: The Movie (the animated version) over and over in my head
That film went waaay above and beyond their animation standards, touched on things the show could never do (killing off entire series to make room for new toys
I mean characters) and took the script length to expand the mythos from the series that it was based on
Instead, the film continues to play around with it's well written theatrics (satirical views of the Government, poking fun at Fox, not stating where Springfield is and discussing how filthy and corrupt their town is
) I felt like the only lil nod we got to previous episodes is when Homer and Bart jump Springfield Gorge and landing near a crashed ambulance (both of which refer back to an early episode of Bart the Daredevil
) The only other thing they do is feature nearly every character in the series thus far
The animation is just the same - nothing too outdone
I guess we also need to consider the film takes us quite a few places, and different set ups - from a destroyed town of - Springfield, the White House to Alaska and back
Now let's just see if the continuity seen in the Simpsons Movie will have any effect on it's next season
MY ADVICE: Wait for it to be premiered on Fox in a few years The Monster Squad: MAN
I have been searching for this film (and any retired VHS copies) for years now
It was one of those cheesy 80's films that I grew up with, and I have been so desperate to be back in touch with it for so long
The plot - whether as convoluted and confusing at times as possible - is pretty much What if the Little Rascals met the Universal Monsters of the 30's and 40's
Although most people of the time in the 80's could have pretty much saw it as, "It's like the Goonies but with Monsters
" And that is what most people think about this is when I ask them if they remember it or not, "Doesn't' that have Corey Feldman in it
" Although the Feldman will be brought up later in this article
No, the story of Monster Squad is that every one hundred years, a portal will open up that could allow evil or good to rule supreme
Van Helsingand some other local villagers tried to do it in 1887, but they fucked up
SOnow the diary of Van Helsing ends up in the lap of some pre-teen kids that are obsessed with monsters and horror films - in fact they even have a little tree house where they discuss such things - isn't that sooo cool
So, the kids are able to translate Van Helsing's diary and find out that the chance to rid of all evil will be disposed of within twenty-four hours
CUE TRAINING MONTAGE: With an awesomely bad 80's song to boot, the kids spend all day making up stakes, silver bullets and business cards to join the Monster Squad (yes, business cards - I am serious
) In the mean time, Dracula is amassing his own little army of evil to vanquish the Monster Squad
Dracula has an amulet that can open up the portal, but he doesn't have the book (which the kids do)
Unfortunately, too much of Frankenstein's good characteristics come through and he ends up befriending the Squad, and most importantly, their youngest sibling Phoebe
Well, I don't want to say much more - but basically there is a showdown at the end of the world between good and evil
This film is A LOT OF FUN, although it features certain material that is politically incorrect when it comes to the manner of pre-teen children
In this film you may object to such things as: Dad has a heart to heart with his son while lighting up a cigarette, a ten year old boy kills a monster with a shotgun, a six year old girl says, "Don't be such chicken shits," etc
Relive your youths with this awesome 80's flick (especially if you are a lover of the original black and white Universal Monsters) and be prepared to find out that: "Wolf man does have nards
" Oh yeah, back to Corey Feldman - "The Two Coreys," is a new awesome reality show that you can find on A & E on Sundays
Now, I have never truly been one for the support of reality television - but I do enjoy the occasional one that highlights superstars passed their heyday (just about any piece of crap that VH-1 plays) but the concept is this: Corey Feldman is still a working actor and has a pretty hot wife
Corey Haim is an unemployed slob that acts like a spoiled twelve year old hopped up with sugar and is without a girlfriend and moves in with Feldman and his wife
But this show is so ultimately dramatic - especially when Haim is all about writing a sequel to The Lost Boys only to find out Hollywood didn't want him in it
But the two Coreys are so in love with one another (and themselves) that it is just SO HILARIOUS to see what these guys could do next
And on the huge down side of television is the new television series of - Flash Gordon on the Sci-Fi channel
This show is getting a decent boost, since the FOREVER shelved 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon has been released on a special edition DVD (although the U
version doesn't pack as much oompf for special features as the European version does - but the U
does have an interview with comic book legend - Alex Ross) anyway - I'm stuck on my flash film rant - not discussing the series
Ever since I was exposed to the Flash film, and knowing how much Flash Gordon influenced George Lucas - I have been on a quest to know anything and everything possible about the character and his universe
I have seen the original thirteen serials from the 30's, bought some of the older comic strips - hell I even shelled out 20 bucks to view that piece of shit DVD set - The Defenders of the Earth just because Flash was in it (and if you want to see how much the Defenders truly sucked, catch the third season premiere of Robot Chicken and how even though they are the defenders of the Earth - they can't defend the planet from a huge asteroid coming to crash on it
The series is yet another update to a sci-fi classic, and with the Sci-Fi channel envisioning the Wizard of Oz with their show Tin Man, I almost have a bad feeling on what else this group can kick up
At first glance, I felt that - Eric Johnson has the resemblance of Flash Gordon but he doesn't seem to have that heroics side to him that a quarterback for the NY Jets would possess
In fact, this Flash is an athlete, and so far shows no signs of being knowledgeable with flight and travel as the older flashes had
The pilot episode is kinda like the film in a nutshell, where we are introduced to the characters and the world of Mongo - but to much chagrin, we are DENIED any sorta campy cheesiness
Whatever Sci-Fi exec said, "Man, I envision a new version of Flash Gordon - but we gotta totally play it straight and stiffer than Ming's cock for his daughter-" was totally wrong
These characters performances are so tight and rigid, there is totally no fun or appeal to any of them
Man, if you are ever a fan of the original film, will you be disappointed that this Ming is hardly intimidating, psychotic or tyrannical
He is kinda like a Lex Luthor business man trying to maintain control over the people of Mongo
But the original Alex Raymond look had him with a definite Asian influence of the time, this guy is just kinda like a wimpy extra from Robocop's CEO's of OCP
Who knows if we will also have the storyline of how Ming took over the city of Mongo by overthrowing it's rightful heir of Baron - but who knows what piece of crap we will be dealt with
It seems 11 episodes have been filmed so far, and I can only hope it gets cheesier along the way and not a watered down dramatic version from it's other successes from Stargate or - Battlestar Galactica
On a final side note and something I hardly ever review, would be the comic series of 52
Yeah I know, I am far behind the comic continuity train - but I have thus been collecting 52 in it's two recently released volumes one and two which capture the first half of the saga
52 fills in the gaps that happen from the very end of Infinite Crisis up to One Year Later
It was initially put out as a weekly comic series that would unfold all of the events from the huge cataclysmic battles from Infinite Crisis
I will not go on and on about this book - but I must warn you that: 52 is more addictive than crack sprinkled with crystal meth
I can't put these stories down once I get immersed in them
And the great thing is, if you don't know all too much about the DCU, these books are a great opportunity to be exposed to a lot of their harder working supporting characters
Trust me, because I am currently the same way as I am being exposed to such colorful characters as The Question, the Black Adam Family, Renee Montoya, The Sivanna Family, The Metal Men, The Elongated Man, Mad Scientists, Booster Gold and a whole lot more
These books are freaking awesome and once you start to read them - you will not stop
I can only hope that DC continues to put out continuing trade paperbacks based within the whole Infinite Crisis storyline
NOTE: 52 Volume 3 will be out September 19th 52: the companion will be out October 3rd, (full of reprints of many of these supporting characters stories) 52 Volume 4 will be out November 7th
Fans and Hollywood peers are still reeling from the Feb
2 death of Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman
The 46-year-old actor was discovered by a friend on Sunday and is believed to have died of a heroin overdose
On Monday, police announced that they found five empty heroin bags, along with 65 other unused bags of the drug in his Manhattan apartment
Police investigators also announced that they are trying to track down footage from a surveillance video at a bank where Hoffman is suspected of withdrawing money from an ATM and purchasing heroin
When tragedies like this strike the film community, there's a tendency to mythologize the actors who have passed away, but in the case of Hoffman, he truly was one of the greatest actors of his generation
He was nominated for four Academy Awards and won the Best Actor Oscar in 2006 for his performance as the writer Truman Capote in 'Capote
' He also had lead roles in Charlie Kaufman's 2008 directorial debut 'Synecdoche, New York' as well as two forthcoming independent films that he promoted just two weeks ago at Sundance, 'A Most Wanted Man' and 'God's Pocket
Yet Hoffman may end up being best remembered for his talents as a character actor
IMDB credits him with an astonishing 63 roles since 1991, when he made his debut as a guest star on 'Law & Order
' One of his first roles was as a prep-school peer of Chris O'Donnell in 'Scent of a Woman,' and before long he found supporting roles in films like 'Money for Nothing,' 'The Getaway' and 'Twister
' However, the two roles that first displayed his real talent as an actor were in a pair of Paul Thomas Anderson films, a director with whom he would continually collaborate
He was featured as a young craps player in Anderson's debut, 'Hard Eight,' then gave a memorable performance as a closeted porn-shoot boom operator in 'Boogie Nights
In addition to 'Boogie Nights,' Hoffman appeared in several of the best independent films of the past two decades
He was terrific in 'The Big Lebowski' as Bradt, the assistant to the rich paraplegic Jeffery Lebowski
Hoffman also co-starred as a sad and desperate neighbor in 'Happiness' by Todd Solondz, one of the most audacious comedies ever made
And although his role was small, he was brilliant as the real-life rock journalist Lester Bangs in Cameron Crowe's masterpiece 'Almost Famous
As time went on, Hoffman regularly alternated his roles in smaller independent films with more traditional Hollywood fare
He made a great villain in 'Mission: Impossible III,' was an important part of the ensemble cast of the 'Silence of the Lambs' prequel 'Red Dragon,' and absolutely stole 'Charlie Wilson's War' right out from under Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts
He was also a welcome addition to the second 'Hunger Games' film, 'Catching Fire' where he played Plutarch Heavensbee
Although Hoffman had completed shooting on the third film in the series, Entertainment Weekly reports that he was scheduled for seven more days of shooting on the film's final installment
It remains unclear how the film will work around his death
Like too many other creative spirits, Hoffman had substance abuse issues that plagued him from an early age
When he was just 22-years-old, he checked into rehab and told NPR in an interview that , 'People who don't have a problem with alcohol don't have a problem with alcohol
You know, they have their couple of glasses of wine and they go on their way
' Last spring, he checked into rehab for prescription drugs after falling off the wagon, but friends believed that he had put his demons behind him
'I saw him last week, and he was clean and sober, his old self,' David Bar Katz, the friend who found Hoffman, told the New York Times
Although his life was cut tragically short, Hoffman's legacy as a versatile and fearless actor will live on for years to come
He is survived by his longtime partner Mimi O'Donnell and three children
Each plot has to be carefully thought out before writing a story
The writing process between romance and mystery was quite a change for me, with a completely different mind set
With romance, you plan out the plot around the meeting of a couple
As you write, you develop some sort of charisma between the characters, making the reader feel excited that one day they're going to hit it off and fall in love
The author has to come up with a plot that no one knows about until towards the end of the story and hope they haven
In a mystery, you may or may not allow your reader to know who the bad guys are, according to whether it
t know who the bad guys are until the end of the book
With mystery suspense, the reader knows who they are and it makes for a more suspenseful outcome
For example: In a mystery, the heroine hears someone knocking at the door
The person behind the door is a mystery to both the reader and the heroine
In a suspense, the reader knows who is behind the door and is yelling to the heroine, "No
First: your hero and heroine must stand out from the others, but how
Choose a name, personality, and build, which will distinguish them from anyone else
During this journey, the main characters will change for the better and there is always a happy ending where the reader throws his hands in the air and cheers for the good guys
You must have villains that make us shiver from their unscrupulous actions
Sometime in the story, the hero is thrown into chaos
Whatever the hero or heroine is doing, it is causing a problem and stirring things up
The heroine or hero gets a mysterious letter in the mail, people are following them, and they are startled from strange sounds in the night, etc
Secrets are gradually being answered as the story develops
Little bits of information are found here and there
Perhaps the heroine is keeping a secret from the hero that could help the case and he eventually finds out about it
As they search for answers, they begin to find clues that bring them closer to their unanswered questions
This makes the reader become part of the story and sit on the edge of his seat
" When a person is afraid, her face turns pale, her heart beats rapidly, and she begins to tremble, etc
The hero is pursued, captured, and is in terrible danger
Now you have to figure out how he or she will get away
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Growing up, I was probably the only kid who wasn't drooling over the newest sports cars
That was, until years later, with the arrival of the new 2010 Camaro
With the chiseled body lines and halo headlights, it had an unmistakable presence
As time passed, my relationship with this car progressed like a case of adolescent infatuation
I began to move past the cosmetic features and appreciate the powertrain
I went from possessing virtually no automotive knowledge whatsoever to becoming a resident authority on GM's LS-engine architecture
The simplicity, effectiveness, and compact nature of the all-aluminum pushrod design had me captivated
Unfortunately, the new Camaros were a bit out of my price range, which is when I became aware of the 4 th generation F-bodies - the Firebirds in particular
The radical design of the 1998 - 2002 models was polarizing
At first, I couldn't picture myself driving something so outlandish and seemingly dated
After months of looking for the right car, I came across what I thought might be "the one"
The mileage was low for the year, and the previous owner had tricked it out with all sorts of performance goodies; the most notable of which being an intercooled supercharger system
I decided (convinced myself, rather) that it would be worth it, so I took a road trip from Washington down to California
Nearly two years later, I'm still driving my black '98 Trans Am every chance I get
Yes, it requires synthetic oil every 3000 miles and premium gasoline (in not insignificant quantities), but it's worth it
Other than keeping up with typical preventative maintenance measures and dealing with one freak alternator failure, my car's reliability track record has been virtually spotless
I had been looking at C5 corvettes before I bought this car, but in hindsight, I am glad I didn't take that route
Even being the performance-oriented monster that it is, my Firebird has made a fantastic daily driver
With ample - albeit strangely distributed - trunk space and rear seats that can accommodate even my 6'2" brother, I rarely have reason to defer driving duties to anyone else whenever three of my friends and I want to go anywhere
Even with the custom ECU mapping, aftermarket high-pressure fuel pump, supercharger and 3
73 final drive ratio, I can still keep my combined MPG in the high teens
Highway mileage can reach mid twenties if I carefully monitor my right foot and make use of that long sixth gear
Retaining this capability while still being able to lay down nearly 500 horsepower at a moment's notice never gets old
It's a shame that Pontiac will more than likely never see the light of day again, but the Firebird's heritage carries on GM's most recent pony car
Whenever I pass a new Camaro on the road, it's no longer envy I feel, but a sense of camaraderie
The combination of practicality and everyday driving pleasure are what continue to make my Trans Am the best car I have owned to date
You survived the '1960s and early 1970s but it is now a blur or maybe you were born too late to enjoy the head-blasting extended outros, outlandish pedal effects, reams of smoke and swirling colored liquids and strobes that defined the era
Either way, Redbank, New Jersey-based Monster Magnet recaptured that retro psychedelia and riff-heavy ammo last night at the Bottom Lounge, leaving a sold-out house of loyal fans begging for more
Some came from Kansas, Indiana and Wisconsin, but many were native Chicagoans who harboured memories of dynamite concerts in D
The headliners came on after an invincible support lineup: Dizmal Daze, Anti-Mortem and Royal Thunder, but the fans didn't mind the wait -- after all, it was Monster Magnet's first US tour in a decade, and the openers did a fantastic job stirring up excitement for the quintet, while showcasing their unique brands of driving metal in record time
Using distortion and gyrating riffs as a third eye, they issued their first indie album, Spine of God, in 1992
One year later, they released their debut Superjudge on A & M Records
The 1990s found them recording Dopes to Infinity, which spawned "Powertrip," "See You in Hell" and "Space Lord"
The millenium also proved fruitful with the release of Monolithic Baby, 4-Way Diablo and Mastermind
Referencing classics like "American Pie", he generated levity as fans pumped fists to a ten-second sing-a-long before he let loose Paleolithic wails
The set list started with the throbbing, jangly "Nod Scene" (Spine of God, 1992) and then fiercely escalated to hardcore "Dopes to Infinity" (1995), which had been performed in its entirely in the UK several years back
Like many Monster Magnet tunes, the song featured Wyndorf's poetic gift: "I can see by the hole in your head that you want to be friends"
The graphic imagery only got stronger on "Twin Earth" -- "I see the dead pigs all on the highway but not enough to feed my soul" and the masterful "Look To Your Orb" (Dopes to Infinity), a powerhouse wisely included on The Matrix soundtrack, fleshed out the first section
Bleeding Pantella's unstoppable percussion with Wyndorf's insatiable spiritual longings, "End of Time" (Last Patrol) wrung out the new and the eight-minute legendary marvel "Spine of God" continued the endless blaze of energies
The self-effacing lyric, "I was born under water, dried out in the sun," of "Crop Circle" paved the way for visceral mega hits "Powertrip" and "Space Lord", which, with its wicked refrain, has garnered three-million You - Tube views
Last Patrol brought the five quickly back for an encore and then they jammed on the all-consuming "Tractor," another nod to the days of yore which resurfaced on Powertrip
Drenched, but clearly thankful for the massive outpour of appreciation, Wyndorf, guitarists, Garrett Sweeny and Caivano, bassist Chris Kosnick (who, last month replaced Jim Bagliano) and Pantella exited as the multi-aged audience compared reactions
Wyndorf fans, well aware of his fascination with outer space, probably anticipated the eerie, electronic side shows that accompanied the pulsating background visuals, yet they still stood mesmerized
Quick to point out in interviews that Monster Magnet is not just a metal band and that their inspirations include blues and classic rock, Wyndorf and mates excelled in their hypnotic riffery, grinding out each original with a sense of intrigue and timelessness
With such a spectacular lineup and an uncompromisingly fresh batch of tunes, fans kept fingers crossed that Monster Magnet will make it back to Chicago sooner than later
There can be hardly any individual unaware of your glory of the popular singer Elvis Presley, a person from the most renowned American singers from the twentieth century
Referred as the King of rock and roll and roll, Elvis is a legend whose legacy has no bounds
Although he passed away thirty years back but even now the legend stays alive as a result of the Elvis impersonators
For all those of you who don't know the strategy of impersonators, effectively an Elvis impersonator is basically an artist who is usually a lookalike with the iconic Elvis Presley
These impersonators imitate or imitate the legend in seems likewise as his mannerisms
Generally, they make an visual appeal which has a wig like his, as well as Elvis's trademark of his sideburns as well as quaffed hair
They are really also observed carrying the trademark assorted jewellery along together with the rhinestone studded jumpsuit
These artists do each of the factors as Elvis and imitate him to the top of their capabilities by dancing and singing the way in which he used to
These impersonators possess the livelihood of creating appearances at carnivals, events, casinos or other capabilities dressed up because the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley
They usually take on up the stage as Elvis would and execute at quite a few with the Tribute Exhibits which preserve happening throughout the planet
It is not an straightforward task to impersonate a legend as fantastic as Elvis Presley but these impersonators be certain they do their job to the most effective of their talents
Anyone is aware from the unique persona with the King of Rock and roll and therefore impersonating a person as him is usually a task in itself
The legend's character along with the subtle nuances in his character are quite slight and executing them will not be as simple since it may possibly sound
All these impersonators do the job a good deal on themselves to master each of the nuances of the legend to be able to offer out the best of performances which might be beloved by all
The standard elementary which they all observe is to obtain all their information proper and clearly; the ones who obtain this stage get paid great rewards; which essentially separates the good impersonators in the mediocre kinds
Now in case you understand that you've got a social gathering or maybe a carnival or any concert, finding an Elvis impersonator is not challenging at all
All you've to accomplish is speak to the correct individual simply because you will discover a lot of impersonators from the current market but you should have the a single which can be the top
You must not compromise by calling any mediocre impersonator to your social gathering
These impersonators hold the livelihood of creating appearances at carnivals, events, casinos or other capabilities dressed up as the king of rock, Elvis Presley
They generally require up the stage as Elvis would and execute at a lot of of your Tribute Exhibits which retain happening throughout the world
It isn't an uncomplicated job to impersonate a legend as good as Elvis Presley but these impersonators be sure they do their position to the very best of their abilities
All of us is conscious in the exclusive persona of the King of Rock and therefore impersonating somebody as him is really a activity in by itself
The legend's character as well as the subtle nuances in his character are really slight and performing them just isn't as easy because it may well sound
All these impersonators get the job done a great deal on on their own to grasp every one of the nuances of the legend to be equipped to present out the perfect of performances that are loved by all
The simple essential which they all follow is to put together all their particulars proper and certainly; the kinds who realize this stage earn wonderful rewards; which basically separates the great impersonators in the mediocre types
Everyone agrees how critical beneficial data excellent is
And everyone has become agonized by erroneous records
We have all misplaced lots of time operating with crappy knowledge, and "Garbage In, Garbage Out" is probably the most generally cited proverb in IT
Then how can come it is continually so challenging to search out volunteers to do some thing about it
Mainly because the effects of non-high quality information are propagated all through the corporation, one particular seemingly innocent issue upstream can effortlessly trigger a dozen problems downstream, and from time to time much more
The accumulated prices of dealing with the resulting errors can grow to be staggering
Tackling and resolving the problems that cause info top quality troubles is one with the most excessive-leverage investments a company can make, in a very entire world that is certainly increasingly relying on digital information
Why do these issues exist, and why do they reside on
It frequently appears to become organization misalignment from the worst form when quite a few 'bystanders' recognize you will find indeed data difficulties, but no person "owns" these issues
This commonly recurring phenomenon lies in the coronary heart from the omnipresent problem to seek out resources (the two money and time) to overcome such files good quality issues
Knowledge good quality is determined not just through the accuracy of info, but also by relevance, timeliness, completeness, have confidence in and accessibility (Olson, 2003)
All these "features" require to get attended to if a organization needs to strengthen its aggressive advantage, and make the perfect probable use of its files
Records quality implies its health for use, together with unanticipated long run use
Accuracy usually requires up a unique location since none with the other folks subject in the least if the data is inaccurate to start with
All other qualities might be compromised, albeit at your peril
"Reviews from the Data Warehousing Institute on knowledge quality estimate that very poor-good quality client files charges US company a staggering $611 billion a season in postage, printing and staff overhead" (Olson, 2003)
You will discover many approaches through which non-excellent data can price tag income: generally these fees continue to be largely concealed
Senior management either does not discover these expenses, or even more most likely: is grappling with complications of which it never becomes clear that they are caused by weak-top quality files
Quantifying the price of non-top quality is essential
Considering that data quality has these kinds of a strong tendency to go unnoticed, it truly is even more critical to translate the consequences of weak-good quality files to the one dimension each and every single manager understands so properly: bucks
This also provides a point of view for the types of investments which might be suitable to make so as to resolve such troubles
Also, a mechanism for prioritizing enhancement packages is desirable
You need to begin picking the lower-hanging fruit very first, but you absolutely also wish to know in which the whoppers are
In accordance with Gartner, Fortune a thousand enterprises may well drop more money in operational inefficiency because of records good quality troubles than they devote on Knowledge Warehouse and CRM initiatives
Records quality concerns typically arise when active records are utilized in new means
In my experience like a files miner, exactly where I'm quite generally seeking new techniques of by using present info, it is the place quite a few difficulties originate
The info itself hasn't changed, but it surely are new employs for existing info that make problems apparent that have been currently there
So what constitutes "info top quality" wants be deemed in relation to its intended use
And modify of usage then brings up new approaches to evaluate the good quality and therefore may perhaps deliver up concerns
The reason these issues didn't floor earlier than is commonly since the company adapted to your knowledge, the way in which they are
Men and women and processes avoided the penalties of inaccurate entries
Which incidentally, is additionally why legacy system migrations is usually so painful
Quite a few CRM assignments collapse underneath info good quality problems
Gartner and Forrester have estimated that 60-seventy% of CRM implementations fall short to provide on expectations
That's to not say that these tasks are all abandoned halfway; it can be foremost that expectation aren't met
A single of the greatest causes for your 'technical' difficulties in bring CRM assignments to completion is always that disparate knowledge sources are finding merged to build a 360° client view
Usually, this could be the initial time that customer data of disparate programs are merged
There may be usually tremendous "fallout", and records that do get merged comprise numerous inconsistencies
This then often results in disappointed finish-users, and unmet expectations
Anyone in Fresno or anywhere else in the world today can tell you that the Internet has changed the way our society operates for all time
Without it, communication would not travel at the speeds they do today, knowledge would not be as easy to access as it is today, and our sense of entertainment
well, frankly, if the Internet did not exist, then I would not be here writing this review for you at home to read at your leisure
But the use of the Internet for personal entertainment goes beyond just being able to express our opinions of movies, music and TV, it has also become an access point to watch such entertainment, sometimes through exclusive viral release
Two years ago, this examiner made an example of this when he reviewed Mortal Kombat: Legacy, a nine episode web series directed by Kevin Tancharoen based on the popular fighting video game franchise
The series spawned out of an independent short film he had made called Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, which he had made for $7,500 as a pitch to Warner Brothers for his vision of a reboot of the Mortal Kombat film series
The film was then leaked online and instantly became a hit, with fans praising it for its mature storytelling despite taking a far, far grittier and more realistic approach to the usually more mystical and fantastic nature of the Mortal Kombat universe
Even the franchise's co-creator, Ed Boon, praised the film, but felt that it 'probably crosses the line' as a re-imagining of the series
The positive reception of Rebirth ultimately impressed Warner Brothers, not enough to green light a feature film, sadly, but instead a web series based around Tancharoen's vision for the franchise
Much like Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li had been a convenient tie-in for the released of Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat: Legacy would co-inside with the release of the Mortal Kombat reboot game released in 2011
Released on a weekly basis through Machinima, Legacy recounted the backstory of many of the franchise's most popular characters, showing where each of them were when we first met them at the Mortal Kombat Tournament depicted in the original game
Being a web series deliberately aimed at a mature audience, Legacy was not barred by the PG-13 censorship of the previous two live-action films, resulting in graphic depictions of violence, profanity, and adult implications
One of the most fascinating aspects of the series structure was that each character's story arc allowed Tancharoen to try out a different filmmaking technique
For example, the two-episode arc surrounding Jax, Sonya and Kano were crafted like a TV crime drama, while the Johnny Cage episode opened with a E
True Hollywood Story type recap of the actor's rise and fall from grace
The two-part Kitana and Mileena episode, which was easily the most poorly reviewed of the series, broke away from the realistic tone and restores the fantasy elements the games are known for; the problems with this were the sudden break in tone, half the footage being crude animation for the sake of budget, the constant narration needed to condense the wider story, and, frankly, the poorest acting in the series overall
The Raiden episode was a gritty tale told in a psychiatric ward with some particularly disturbing imagery that did well to humanize the game's God of Thunder unlike we've ever seen him before
The two-part Scorpion and Sub-Zero episode was a straight-up tribute to classic Japanese ninja ans samurai films, to the point that the characters speak almost completely in Japanese (with subtitles of course)
The final episode, focusing of Cyrax and Sector, was a surprising choice to end the series, but it impressed with its gritty tone, technology-based themes, and quality of the CGI models in context of the series' budget
With the success of Legacy, fans waited for two years to finally see if it would lead to either a new Mortal Kombat film or a second season
Well, my friends, the wait is finally over, because Machinima finally released all ten episodes of Mortal Kombat: Legacy II on the same day
Unlike the first season, this new story arc focuses on the characters assembling for the Mortal Kombat Tournament itself, where Earthrealm's mightiest warriors, led by the thunder god Raiden, fight the forces of Outworld led by sorcerer Shang Tsung, who is himself a servant of the evil emperor, Shao Khan
The season has a much more straightforward structure (for the most part) and the tone and style is much more consistent is each of the episodes
Because of this, there is not as much for this examiner to say about each episode individually as there was last time, but I will try my best
Here is a rundown of the plots for each of the episodes:
In this first episode we are introduced to Liu Kang (played by Brian Tee), a former Shaolin warrior and hero in Earthrealm's defense against Outworld
But now, he has left the temple and is living as a drunk in Macau, when he gets into a fight (that he started himself) with some local gangsters
Lui Kang shows his amazing skills, but ultimately gets beaten to a pulp until he is saved by Kung Lao (played by Mark Dacascos), a monk and former close friend of Liu's
But their reunion is bittersweet as Liu is still harboring a deep-rooted resentment towards Kung Lao for something that happened in their past
The second episode reveals that after Liu Kang left the temple, he fell in love and became engaged to a working class woman, until he witnessed her being murdered before his eyes by some common criminals
Meanwhile, back in the present, Kung Lao leaves the temple and crosses through the barrier to arrive at the site of the Mortal Kombat Tournament, as well as Raiden and fellow Earthrealm warriors Johnny Cage Stryker, Kenshi and Sub-Zero
But also arriving at the tournament are Shang Tsung and his own warriors fighting for Outworld: Kitana, Mileena, Ermac, Scorpion
This episode sees the Earthrealm warriors taken under the guidance of Raiden (played by David Lee Mc - Innis) as he tells them why they are here and how they each possess an extraordinary power that will carry them through the tournament
We also get a flashback to the origin of Kenshi (played by Daniel Southworth), a blind swordsmen with the power of psychokinesis
It turns out that he was once a ronin who saved a beaten old man from some rouge samurai one day, and in return the old man told him a story of the mystical Sword of Sento, placed within the mountain by Shao Khan and put under guard by one of his strongest warriors
Picking up where the last episode left off, Kenshi enters the cave to claim the sword, but he must first defeat Ermac (played by Kim Do Nguyen), a fighter composed of the souls of multiple dead warriors, who also possesses the power of psychokinesis
Kenshi's skill is no match for his enemy and Ermac blinds him
Back in the present, the two meet again for the first fight of the tournament
This episode opens with a flashback to before the tournament as Shao Khan's daughters, Kitana (played by Samantha Jo) and Mileena (played by Michelle Lee) are about to leave for the tournament
But Kitana is is serious doubt about her loyalty after the discovery she made about her true heritage last season
As the sisters arrive, they encounter Johnny Cage and give chase, after all three witness Kenshi's defeat of Ermac
In this episode, we see how Johnny Cage (played by Casper Van Dien) was arrested for getting into yet another fight and was then recruited by Raiden to fight in the tournament, having turned down Shang Tsung's offer during last season
In the present day, Cage finds himself in a fight with Kitana and Mileena and is about to be killed
until Kitana finally rebels and the two sisters duel each other to the death
Flashing back several years in the past, this episode reveals the full history of Hanzo Hasashi, a
Scorpion (played by Ian Anthony Dale) and Bi Han, a
Raised in clans that have been at odds with each other for generations, the two nevertheless became friends as children and then, as adults, became leaders of their clans and end up continuing that tradition of hatred
But one day, after Hanzo is forced to kill Bi Han's angry younger brother in order to protect his own family, Hanzo and Bi Han make a pact to make a truce between their two clans in honor of their childhood bond
Picking up where the last episode left off, Bi Han receives word of his clan's massacre of Hanzo's family and clan and is furious over it, until a old mystic reveals to him that the act was a deception by Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to frame Bi Han himself for the betrayal, as a way to infuriate Hanzo and motivate him to fight for the forces of evil in the tournament
Back in the present, the two finally have the battle, with Bi Han professing the truth throughout, but with Hanzo too blinded by a furious desire for revenge to listen
In this episode, we finally learn why Liu Kang is fighting for the side of evil
, Liu has become a hitman as he is seen murdering mobsters in a seedy motel
He is later approached by Shang Tsung (played by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), who convinces the angry young man that the human world has become so filled with evil that it is no longer worthy of being protected from Outworld and that the monks, particularly Kung Lao, have betrayed him
At the end of their conversation, it is clear that Liu Kang will enter the tournament as a warrior for enemy's side
In the final episode of the season, we start ten years before the present day, as Liu Kang returns bloodied and desperate to the temple where he confesses to Kung Lao that he murdered the men who killed his finance
, but he comes seeking comfort rather than forgiveness
Upholding the teaching s of his people, Kung Lao turns his back on Liu Kang's new path, resulting in the animosity they share today
Back in the present day, Kurtis Stryker (played by Eric Jacobus) finds Johnny Cage and treats his wounds, when they are suddenly ambushed by Liu Kang
Both men are about to be killed when Kung Lao appears and is stunned to see his old friend at the tournament
Liu Kang is determined to put an end to things, but Lao is reluctant to in the name of their past friendship
the season ends with the two former friends about to have the battle
Obviously the main centerpiece of this series is the fight scenes, and the I am pleased to say that the choreography is clearly up-to-par with the first season
We get a variety of fights this season, if not necessarily a variety of fight locations
We start with, of all things, a brutal drunken bar fight with the guy who is supposed to be our main hero (I emphasize "supposed to", more on that later), which is only stopped when Kung Lao knocks Liu's attacker out with his signature hat trick
and no, unlike in the games his hat does not have a bladed edge that can be used to decapitate people
The Kenshi and Ermac fight is basically a sword against magic, and it is probably the least visually appealing fight, but the finishing move is still cool
The Kitana and Mileena fight is also pretty good, but a lot of that comes from the dynamic between the two, both from the events of the first season and from over twenty years of Mortal Kombat at mythology
The best fight of all, of course, is the Scorpion and Sub-Zero fight
There is sheer brutality and all of the special moves that you expect from their battle, and it all builds up to a finishing move that is classic Mortal Kombat, but is nevertheless the kind of thing that they could have never gotten away with in the 90s movies
Unfortunately, as this season takes place on the tournament island, a lot of the outdoor settings for the fights start to all look the same and a little bit more variety would have been appreciated
One thing that did take this examiner out of the moment for a moment was the nearly complete recasting of and unexplained dropping of characters from the first season
This season is meant to be an adaptation of the original tournament seen in the original game, just like the first movie was doing
In that original game there were seven characters: Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Raiden, Kano, Scorpion and Sub-Zero, with Goro and Shang Tsung as the final bosses
Sonya and Kano, who along with Jax were firmly established in the first two episodes of season one, were all cut out of this season
I know that the director said that the actresses schedule left her unavailable to be their in time for filming, but it still fails to live up to the promise of those early episodes
Instead, Stryker, a character a lot of fans never favored to begin with but who was written into their story arc last season in a way that worked well, is taking their place altogether
Cyrax and Sektor were introduced in the ending of season one, and to not see them here kind of makes their introduction pointless
Johnny Cage, Raiden, Stryker, Mileena, Sub-Zero and Shang Tsung are now played by a different actors
Now, I actually thought that Cage and Mileena's actors were able to do more with their roles, but I regretted not seeing the same actor play Raiden, even if he barely appears this season
Sub-Zero's recasting I did not mind since he wears a mask anyway, and I loved being able to see the original movie's Shang Tsung reprise his role again, and hey, given the Shang Tsung mythology, the dramatic difference in age and appearance in both versions can be easily explained
I liked some of the turns made in the writing here
As I watched these episodes, there were a few times when I was afraid that Tancharoen was going to forget his own continuity, like when Raiden is shown recruiting Johnny Cage to fight at the tournament, when they had already showed Shang Tsung going to him last season; thankfully, a few lines of dialogue rectified these sorts of issues
While the first season kept its focus on Scorpion's point-of-view of that back story, thereby making him a sympathetic character, this season also goes into Sub-Zero's point-of-view, showing his outrage at his own clan for his belief that they massacre's his friend's clan
After Sub-Zero learns the truth, you find yourself wishing that he can get through to Scorpion even though, as every Mortal Kombat fan knows, that is simply not how this is going to go down
I've become so used to the original Sub-Zero (long story) coming across as an a**hole, even if he wasn't really one who killed Scorpion's family, that I was genuinely surprised to find myself feeling sorry for him as well as Scorpion
On a similar note, the the dynamic between Kitana and Mileena carried on the the only point it could have, but was still great to see all of that go down
The only down side is that I felt that Kitana's turn and Mileena's defeat happened a bit too early; that, and that Liu Kang had nothing to do with it
In speaking of Liu Kang, this is easily the biggest shock of this entire season
Tancharoen felt inspired to defy all fan expectation and turn the series primary protagonist, the character more identified as the hero of this series than anyone else, and turn him into a murderous renegade fighting for the villains
Sure, it always sucks to see Ryu and Ken get the shaft every time someone tries making a live action Street Fighter movie, but at least they know better than to take the game's main heroes and turn them evil
Except that in the 90s movie they both found work as con men
I have no idea what the director has in mind to bring this arc to a close in either a third season or a movie, but I would be lying if I did not admit that seeing this portrayal of Liu Kang was simultaneously intriguing and detracting
It is intriguing because it is a massive deviation from what we have all seen before and offers up a fresh spin on things
But it is detracting because it is a complete character assassination to everything that this character is meant to represent within the series
Say what you will about Robin Shou's portrayal in the films, but while both of these Liu Kang's were shaped by a great loss, Shou's Liu Kang was still a hero, fighting for the side of Earthrealm against Shang Tsung and using a desire to avenge his brother's murder as a motivator to fight for good, and simultaneously getting over his sunken in doubt about Raiden and the other defenders of Earthrealm's worth, and certainly never doubting the value of Earthrealm itself
Brian Tee's Liu Kang, on the other hand, is a man who lost the woman he loved to a couple of robbers and his reaction was to kill them, take pride in it, and when Kung Lao and the other monks cannot comfort him for it, he becomes a cold-blooded killer for ten years, convinced that everything the White Lotus (the society he and Kung Lao belong to) hold dear is a lie and that mankind is so corrupt that it is no longer worth protecting
This is exactly what Shang Tsung tells this Liu Kang during their admittedly well-acted conversation, and even though Liu makes it clear that Tsung was once very much his enemy, he nevertheless accepts what is said and joins forces with Outworld to defeat those who should be his friends
This is not at all the Liu Kang any of us expected, but again, Tancharoen is fully aware of that and we merely have to wait and see what future installments in the series will do to resolve this
However, there are some bright sides to this portrayal
Firstly, is allows the actor, Brian Tee, a chance to play a wider range of emotions, namely bitterness and anger, that likely would not have been available to him if he had played the traditional Liu Kang
Secondly, it helps add more durability to Kung Lao, another popular character from the games who, sadly, has not had as much attention in other media as he deserves
For all intensive purposes, he seems to be playing the role that Liu Kang should be playing
Thirdly, obviously, it keeps all of us watching to see how the next season will play out and how, or if, Liu Kang will be turned back to the good and play his role to save the world like we all expect
The costumes, I feel, should also be noted, as they are very hit-and-miss to me
Kitana and Mileena's clothes looked fairly traditional and more-or-less resembled their look from season one, as did Raiden's robes
Kenshi's costumes looks straight out of the most recent game, and when Kung Lao did get into his warrior garb in the second episode, he looked great too
Scorpion's new mask with the sculpted mouth was a bit odd, but in a cool way, whereas Sub-Zero's costume (and I swear the segway pun wasn't intentional) is pretty weird looking, almost resembling a cybernetically-enhanced snowboarder
The redesign on Ermac is done to make him look like just a monster, which I think was a mistake; it would have been better to just give him either his classic red ninja look or more likely his black bandaged look from the 2011 game
The performances of the actors should not go unacknowledged
Scorpion, and this time gets to truly indulge himself in the characters fury and obsession with vengeance
Mark Dacascos brings an great amount of pity and regret the the role of Kung Lao, frankly, playing him as a warrior bound by the honor and traditions of his people, but nevertheless torn between that and his desire to make amends with his former friend
So far, this has cast his character as the primary hero of the series
David Lee Mc - Innis replaces Ryan Robbins in the role of Raiden, and while the change of actor was initially distracting, he does okay for the precious little screen time he is given this season
is introduced as Kuai Liang, the second Sub-Zero, and he plays the role with a lot of anger and resentment; not a huge role, but hopefully one that will have potential to grow in the future
Brian Tee is a paradox this examiner; while I feel that the portrayal presented on Liu Kang here is very wrong, none of that is Tee's fault, and he actually makes it bearable through the surprising weight and layers of his performance, be he a happy young man in love, a lost soul desperate for acceptance, a man ruled entirally by his anger, or, ultimately, a tool of evil
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa reprises his role from the first Mortal Kombat film as Shang Tsung, replacing the much younger Johnson Phan from last season
It was such a delight to see him in this role again, and this time he bring an added age and wisdom to compliment this master manipulator aspect of the role; his conversation with Liu Kang is super effective
Casper Van Dien, best remembered by this examiner as the main character from Starship Troopers, replaces Matt Mullins as Johnny Cage and brings a much needed comedic relief to this series, as Cage's character should do
Samantha Jo reprises her role as Kitana, but like last time she may be the weakest actress in this cast; still, she is trying her best and her fighting skill showcase how good a stuntwoman she is
Michelle Lee replaces Jolene Tran as Mileena, and makes the role very ferocious and filled with anger, being aloud to do, and say, much more than the original actress did
Sub-zero, and his performance succeeds in making this man a tragic and sympathetic character, unlike the original Sub-Zero is known for being
He is just as angry about what happened to Scorpion's clan as he is and only wants to make his former friend understand the truth, making his final fate not only horrific but tragic as well
Dan Southworth, whom this examiner remembers as Eric Myers, a
the Quantum Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force, in introduced in the role of Kenshi; there isn't a whole lot of depth to this character, but he does get to show off some terrific martial arts skills
Eric Jacobus replaces Tahmoh Penikett as Kurtis Stryker, but like Raiden, he too doesn't get a whole lot to do; he does get some nice gun choreography though
Kim Do Nguyen appears as Ermac, but there isn't a whole lot to say as he plays the role pretty much as just a monster
Overall, Mortal Kombat: Legacy II is a lot like the first season, a winner, but it is not a flawless victory
It still suffers from the inevitable flaws related to budget and timeframe and not everyone in the cast feels fleshed out thanks in part to the more streamlined structure
The reinvention of main character Liu Kang was a major disappointment, yet at the same time kept the story interesting and lead to a cliffhanger ending that makes this examiner want to see how this all gets resolved, and hopefully fixed, in a third season
The series nevertheless continues to be the best adaptation of the Mortal Kombat universe outside of the games themselves but always taking this larger than life material seriously, treating its fans like adults, and striving for some kind of balance between the realistic and the supernatural
Despite its flaws this examiner still enjoyed it and is giving the season three stars
I notice that igh rofile news and ESPN sports personel was always speaking, how the scandal would affect Joe Patrno legacy, as one of, the greatest coaches, of college football
Well, it shouldn't do much but place a bleak mark upon his legacy
His good out weigh the correct or incorrect handling, of the reporting of the child abuse, by one of hs former coaches
Let check, the way he handle reporting the news after he was alerted to the complaint
He reported it to others above him about the allegation
Some states, he never notified the local authorities
Which is the police department or child social services for a proper investigation, of these alleged scandals
But, if you think about many schools, corporations protocol already in places, at this moment
Many regulations and rules states, the channels you must go through to report many things
We know if, a student gets rape, at some state colleges
The campus police must be alerted before the true law enforcement is every aware, of the exact happenings
So, Paterno did pass the information through others to pass to others to check and verifiy,as factual
Where the fault lies mostly is with those higher ups that failed to acknowledge the happenings
Many lower rank employess knows, if you step outside the executives, of administrational operators
They will accuse you, of not following protocol or policies, as required
Well, they got to get them high paid lawyers involved to defend the image, of he college or corporation
In many ways, because the president failed to report the news given to him, by the coache or others
Yes, the children that was abused should be he focus, of this scandal that wasn't involving Paterno
But, when has victims really been the subject of newshounds
All, the reports has centered around Paterno being forced to resign
Or, how will this affect his greatness, as a coach
Notice, that the alleged coach, at the center of this scandal gets mention less than Paterno gts mention more
And,notice that the cowards, of Penn State board of regents fired the coach, by telephone
So, essentially weak leaders hede behind telecommunication like regular corporations that have dismissed employees
Coach Paterno, will the support of his family and supporters will survive this scandal that personally only affects him because those he reported the trouble too
Many colleges goes ot of their way to defend drunks and rapist athletes more then they shold when players gets accuse , of a serious crime
So, reporters and sport channels needs to do , a in-house investigation, of themselves before trying to cut down somebody's else
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Computer models indicated that a series of low-pressure systems would move out of the southern Plains during the two days before Christmas, 2009
The first, the weaker storm would trek northeastward into Missouri while a second, much stronger, system came across the Desert Southwest, and into the southern Plains before heading northeastward
As the system came across the Southwest, it spawned a major dust storm
This dust storm was responsible for a multi-car, fatality-ridden accident on Interstate 10 just north of Phoenix
Two days later, tapping moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, the storm system, exploded and dropped more than a foot of snow on Oklahoma, several inches as far south as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and even a dusting further south in Waco
High winds, coupled with the snow, created blizzard conditions and brought vehicular and aircraft traffic across this entire region to a standstill
Not content with this legacy and the breaking of numerous weather records, the storm continued its rampage on Christmas Day (Fig
A total of at least 40 snowfall, rainfall and equivalent liquid precipitation records tumbled across 15 states (link to be added)
Even more impressive than breaking records, the storm performed some unusual meteorological gymnastics
For example, the storm's path, contrary to the typical southwest to northeast path, curled to the left of its expected path, stalled over Iowa and then continued it's loop-d-loop before heading northeastward
2) Some hurricanes have exhibited this type of stalling-looping pattern
Oceanic storms and storms that move into the nearly semi-permanent Hudson Bay low pressure system do it much more frequently
This stalling character allowed warm air to push westward ahead of the storm and cold air to race eastward south of the storm
It also pushed the blizzard conditions further westward across the Northern Plains than were expected initially
But the temperature advection pattern, linked to the counter-clockwise spiraling of the low-pressure system, was dramatic (Fig
Notice the shape of the 30-degree isotherm (line of equal temperature) during early afternoon on Christmas Day
With superimposed winds (winds blow along the wind staff INTO the station circle), it's easy to see how the warmer air moved westward north of the low and the cold air plowed eastward south of the low
In fact, the shape of this isotherm closely resembles that of the Chinese Yin-Yang pairing
The pattern I chose for this article shows the white (representing warmth) and the dark (representing coldness)
The outer circle represents the whole or balance, which is to what the temperature pattern eventually balances out
Meteograms (multi-variable weather tables) show the same effect (Fig
To the west of the low, temperatures warm dramatically during Christmas Day, while to the south and southeast, temperatures plummeted (meteograms)
Hence the usual north-south temperature pattern became flipped with the coldest air to the south of the low
That scenario continued into the day on December 26
Temperatures across Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, much of Illinois and southern Minnesota were colder than temperatures to the north and west in an axis extending from International Falls, MN to Sioux Falls, SD
In the past hats used to be a part of formal attire for men
Today's caps, which are totally different in shape and look, are a part of fashion for both genders
Wide or short brimmed panamas and fedoras are not much popular these days as their classic look do not suit today's casual dresses
Caps go much better with dresses like crushed cotton shirts, tees, jeans, cargos and sports suits
One of the major reasons behind young generation's increasing fascination towards caps is baseball
Being one of the most popular outdoor sports, baseball players are style icons to growing boys and girls
They are very much fond of the looks of the players, especially for their caps and try to copy them by wearing such caps
Baseball caps are indeed best sellers at cap stores, sport kits stores and apparel shops
But majority of such caps are local products and are hence not of high standard
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There is one such cap store that you can check out for items like Monster caps and LA caps, the two very popular cap logos
This online hat shop bears a legacy of several decades
com is the online version of a cap store which has been serving and satisfying the need of people with superb quality caps and hats for over half a century
The shop is now run by a sister and brother, who are the grand children of the founder
People's tastes and fascination for caps have changed over the years as new fashion has taken over the old one and rockthathat
com is the perfect cap store for you, if you are looking for some really hardy baseball or sports caps
The online shop is a storehouse of all types of hats that have been designed till date and baseball caps being very popular, the shop has got a huge collection of those
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Available in a variety of colors and designs, hats in the collection of rockthathat
com are perfect for all types of casual dresses that you wear
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Wear it under summer sun, soak under the rain and walk under snow wearing it
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Make your team members feel jealous on the match day when you step inside the field wearing your brand new baseball cap
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Lots of label to the music of the 80s with the paradox of substance, but undernourished songs supercharged sound exaggerated
Of course, this is an incredibly superficial argument
To find out to appreciate decent music from the 80s, very first of all have got to be put into context
80s music the eighth decade of the twentieth century was a quite turbulent time, we lived every day with the wonderful fear that at any moment could possibly come to wage a nuclear war among the superpowers and leave us all burned or at least as zombies Mutants
That's why we are living with an ultra-complacency, as if no tomorrow, literally
This phenomenon started to reflect strides in music, just sufficient to hear the song "Go West" by the Pet Store Boys to recognize that target came to penetrate the zeitgeist
It was a time when you could have a remarkable day but in the blink of an eye you have been all alone and sad since the reality and it was quick to unearth refuge and understanding in the sinister echo of the voices of Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode and Culture Club
In spite of this, not everyone was a victim of fatalism
Gradually they began to filter light rays as a result of the clouds of spray with bands like Bon Jovi who came loaded with a great constructive power and playful with songs like "Livin 'on a Prayer" and "Poor Medicine"
Melenas rebel with a shiny leather closures and endless chains, extreme use of engineering, extreme performances, lush androgyny, each and every and each 1 synonymous with the music of the 80s
And the artist who ideal channeled all these essential elements of that time via his music devoid of a doubt was the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson
Just basically take a search at any of their music movies to confirm
Their sound is so wonderful and timeless radio stations playing his songs are still amongst the most effective songs of the second
Just after all, there are an important amount of music critics who regard Michael Jackson as the Mozart of our time
There will frequently be critics of his image, but his talent is unquestioned and even more if 1 requires into account that lots of of their songs sounds with his mouth were developed by beatboxing
The comfort of numerous is that now rests in heaven between stars with a brightness corresponding to it
The Materials Girl exploit the shock element with its songs, movies, presentations and extremely provocative
Though Cyndi, just after leaving it clear that girls just want to have enjoyable, place the romantic side to the decade with his mega ballad "Time Soon after Time
" A song that hardly ever will be forgotten thanks to the artist just after artist gives new lifestyle via its countless covers
It has previously been proven that background tends to repeat itself above and over yet again
These days it continues to delight in the legacy of the music of the 80s thanks mainly to the two most famous artists of the moment: Lady Gaga and Katy Perry
The Mother's final album Monster, Born This Way, it seems appropriate that any new songs for Madonna and Tina Turner
His influence was observed even in the videos of their hits "Judas" "Marry the Night" and "Edge of Glory"
For its element, the music video for the hit "Final Friday Evening (TGIF)" by Katy Perry pays tribute to the remarkable aforementioned decade
In short, the music of the 80s was recorded in the chronology of music as a tattoo acquired in a night of partying in excess of which oftentimes ashamed but which serves as a souvenir ste of how exciting it can be of existence
Salsa music is sometimes referred to as Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban or Afro-Carribean music
Played in dance clubs or performed in concerts, this is the sound of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela and New York
This is Cuba's musical legacy that rose from its street culture, which shaped the country's popular music throughout the past several decades
Literally meaning "sauce" in the Spanish language, salsa is the type of music requiring the perfect amount of essential ingredients
The music starts with a clave rhythm, which commonly is eight beats long and has a 2-3 or 3-2 pattern
The clave should be learned, applied and felt in order to play or dance this colorful and spicy music
Other ingredients in the salsa music recipe are montuno, tumbao and guaganco, among others
These are ostinattos, or patterns, played by the piano, bass, strings and horns all throughout or in certain parts of the song
This Cuban original music has landed in different parts of the world years ago
Later on, its powerful tunes influenced its various destinations and vice-versa
This Latin music has evolved as it toured several countries
While it is one of the most famous genres today, it is, at the same time, one of the most specialized, since a certain level of musicality and skills is needed for it to be played, sung or danced
Once it is learned and owned, endless jamming and dancing fill the place with the distinctive energy that characterizes Latin culture
Dance clubs around the world use salsa music frequently
The ballroom dancing boom worldwide only added to the demand for this Latin beat
Salsa clubs and Latin dance federations have grown in number internationally
Schools and universities in all continents of the world started to have dance and music organizations dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the genre to the extent of flying in bands and instrumentalists from Cuba and Puerto Rico
The heat of salsa became unstoppable like wildfire and influenced other genres, even classic jazz
Jazz performers and composers started to utilize Latin music in their pieces, either in a certain part of a song or for a featured solo section
The great Dizzy Gillespie, for example, did this in "A Night in Tunisia," an ingenious mix of Latin and jazz standard
Other genres influenced by its contagious rhythm are disco, funk, pop and even one of its roots, African music
Salsa bands use a smorgasbord of percussion instruments including the clave, guiro, maracas, bongos, timbales, conga drums and many others
Their rhythm section is usually a party of bass, piano, guitar, strings or horns, a chorus and a lead vocalist
In some groups, they use a special type of guitar, either a tres or a quarto, a guitar that has three or four strings only
The next time you listen to these bands, listen very well and you will hear them infuse other music styles into their salsa tunes
Other genres you may hear within a salsa piece are cha-cha-cha, bolero, guaganco, Cuban son montuno, Puerto Rican bomba and plena, and Dominican merengue
If you are a fan of salsa or Latin music, you would love favorites like "Che Che Cole" (Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe), "Hechicera" (Oscar D' Leon), "Congo bongo" (Larry Harlow) and "El rey del mambo" (Tito Puente), among others
If you would like to try listening to this genre for the first time, some recommended tunes for you would be "No Sabes Como Duele" (Marc Anthony), "Campina" (Afro Cuban All Stars), "Juliana" (Coco Valoy) and "Melao de Cana" (Oscar D'Leon)
Tron: Legacy will open in theaters December 17th and will be playing during the most lucrative three week period of the year when the holiday season is fully in session
Many countries around the world will be opening the movie on the same day or within a couple of weeks, setting up a potentially huge box office haul in the international marketplace
In 2010, Disney has already capitalized on the business afforded by moviegoers around the world with the success of Alice in Wonderland, which opened in March, and its Pixar animated monster summer hit Toy Story 3
Both movies scored well with audiences and each film brought in more than $1 billion in box office receipts across the globe, making Disney the first studio ever to produce two $1 billion movies within a year
Despite their huge achievement this year with Alice and Toy Story 3, Disney has a legitimate shot at taking it even further by producing a billionaire triumvirate in a single year with the upcoming release of Tron: Legacy
Here are the reasons why Disney's goal of three $1 billion movies are not out of reach
We have waited long and hard for Tron: Legacy since the release of its exciting teaser trailer which premiered in last year's Comic-Con Festival
The Comic-Con attendees and several people in the San Diego area were the first to witness the awe-inspiring digital effects that seem to comprise a significant portion of the movie, but not soon after, millions of people were exposed to the trailer and it was viewed repeatedly by many
Disney's marketing and strong word-of-mouth has built up a large fanbase for the movie over the past year and moviegoers are counting down the days til the opening of the movie
The movie's prequel, Tron, was released in 1982 and it enjoyed a moderately successful run at the box office, while critics generally praised the movie for its outstanding special effects
More importantly, elements of the movie, in particular the light cycling, continued to be incorporated into popular culture for years to come indicating that the original movie was memorable within the general population
Disney's marketing seems to not only be geared towards younger audiences which the genre is usually catered to, but to the older generation as well, with trailer scenes that breed familiarity within this particular age group
In addition to a new and younger fanbase, this movie has a following of nostalgic older adults
Ever since the record-shattering success of James Cameron's 3D movie Avatar which opened less than a year ago, the popularity of the 3D medium has hit new highs
A multitude of movies opened this year boasting 3D effects, including the billionaire successes of Alice and Toy Story 3
Having witnessed the success of 3D movies, studios have been producing sequels in the 3D format, as was in the case of the fourth movie of the Resident Evil franchise which went on to become a worldwide success, with a significant margin of increase at the box office over its three predecessors
3D is more popular than ever and it seems to be taking the world by storm
The release of Tron: Legacy in 3D is bound to be an event that holiday moviegoers will not want to miss out on, like Avatar last winter
And the premium ticket prices for 3D only helps to rake in more money
Synopsis: Seeking a cure for his werewolf curse, Larry Talbot travels to Ludwig Frankenstein's castle only to discover it has been burned to the ground and the monster still lives
The movie stars Bela Lugosi, Patric Knowles, Ilona Massey and Lon Chaney Jr
Synopsis: My wife had a Friday night off for a change so my daughter and I invited her to participate in our weekly monster movie night
And, since we recently finished "The Ghost of Frankenstein," we decided on the film "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man
I was somewhat excited about this movie because I'm a big fan of Lon Chaney's Wolf Man character and was curious how his story would intertwine with Frankenstein
However, I have to say I was somewhat disappointed by this film
There were a couple of reasons for this, the first being the fact that, despite the title, the film really doesn't have the Wolf Man and Frankenstein's Monster interacting all that much
It was primarily a Wolf Man sequel that just happened to have Frankenstein's Monster in the background
It also didn't help that my daughter and I were somewhat confused about which Dr
Frankenstein the villagers were referring to, the original or one of his sons
To be honest, it probably shouldn't have been that hard to figure out since we did see "Ghost of Frankenstein
" However, they had a different actress playing his daughter (Massey instead of Evelyn Ankers) and I think that led to some of the confusion
Another thing I found I was unimpressed with was Lugosi's performance as the monster
There were times when he just seemed to be going through the motions and making no real effort to be menacing
Of course, in fairness to him, after "Ghost of Frankenstein," the creature should have been able to talk and should have been blind
He didn't have any lines and seemed to be confused about whether or not he was able to see
It was almost as though the writers didn't even watch the previous film
Final Opinion: It wasn't necessarily a bad choice for our monster movie night
However, I think there was a lack of effort overall and, as a result, the movie could have been considerably better
The media that once celebrated a young, flame-haired, Shaun White seems to have turned on him after a disappointing turn on the slopes of Sochi, placing 4th
The former Flying Tomato, darling of Olympic games past in Turino and Vancouver received an undeserved media smackdown
The Los Angeles times called him "Off White" in their headline
The new buzzwords for White are "failed" and "missed"
Yahoo Sports cruelly declared, "Almost no one likes Shaun White anymore," casting White as the snowboarding heel of Sochi, a corporate-sponsored monster who deserved to be taken down
That his much lower scoring teammates openly scorn him shows outrageously poor sportsmanship
Others declared he missed his opportunity to become a legend
But, Shaun White already is a legend in the sport, even without a third gold medal
The Olympics aren't the only place where the 2-time halfpipe Olympic gold medalist has made his mark
His snowboarding dominance extends to the X Games where he holds the record for the most gold medals in halfpipe, superpipe, and slopestyle events
He even participates and wins for skateboarding at the summer X Games
And no one ought to strip those accolades just for Sochi
In fact, White achieved the highest score of the day as his qualifying halfpipe run, a 95
75, one point less than White's earlier better score, to win the final at the Olympics where anything can happen and just about anything does
Other favored athletes fell short, but were universally credited with being gracious sportsmen who understood the spirit of the Games
So many sports writers stated that the medalists were "rivals" with White, but nothing could be further from the truth
There was nothing but respect, hugs, and congratulations
When interviewed by NBC, the Russian born Podladtchikov spoke not of his own accomplishment, but of White
He wanted to celebrate with White, and seemed to feel bad about beating him as if he had just bested the older brother who he deeply admired
Two children attended the halfpipe event courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation to see Shaun White
While the same Yahoo Sports article criticized White for not knowing their names, The Washington Post told the true tale
The Make-A-Wish Foundation had not even requested that White meet the children
It was unexpected that he would jump a security-guarded boundary to meet them, but White did
White's reality differs greatly from perception, as Fast Company found in a 2009 interview with White
Rather than sell his soul for corporate sponsorships, he picked only those companies he connected to on a personal level
He and his brother designed an affordable streetwear line for skaterats, which the public sees at Target
And lately, White reimagines himself as a rock 'n' roller, minus the gorgeous, long red hair
He appeared at Lollapalooza in 2013 with his band Bad Things
Their self-titled debut album was released on February 21 of this year on Warner Brothers
The band is made up of White's long-term friends; White plays guitar
Please check out Bad Things and think good thoughts about White while the fickle media attempts to shred his reputation
backup, or the motion of characters amongst situations with out deleting them from the previous circumstance
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The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences launched an entire month of celebration in honor of "Universal's Legacy Of Horror
" What better way to do that than to add a new movie to the franchise
"Werewolf: The Beast Among Us" is Universal's latest attempt at giving the tragic hairy monster another chance to shine after the disappointing reaction to "The Wolfman
This is an entertaining and intriguing addition to the genre of werewolf movies
I still don't know what there was to be disappointed in with "The Wolfman
" It was the perfect blend of two of my favorite horror brands: the gory gothic world of Hammer and the classic Universal look of the monster made famous by Jack Pierce in the 1940s
I am one of the few people who actually loved the film and felt it was a great homage to the classic monster movies of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s
"Werewolf: The Beast Among Us" tells the story of a young man (Guy Wilson) in the 19th century named Daniel
His village is being attacked by a wolf-like creature
Daniel assists the town doctor (Stephen Rea) in caring for the victims and making sure no one is infected by the bite of the beast
He decides to help a band of hunters track down the monster after they're hired to rid the town of the werewolf menace
I know it sounds like a typical monster movie cut from the cloth of every other werewolf flick put out over the years
Thankfully, it's got some fun twists and turns that are meant to keep viewers wondering who the creature is and why it's attacking seemingly targeted individuals
It's just as much a "who-done-it" type movie as it is a classic horror vehicle
Just like "The Wolfman," "Werewolf: The Beast Among Us" reminds me more of a Hammer Horror movie than a Universal Monster Classic
Everything from bloody body parts to the period-piece setting screams Hammer
There's not really much here that feels like it belongs in the Universal Monster Classics category
Being that it's a straight-to-DVD movie, you would expect the CGI and visual effects to be sub-par
There are plenty of very convincing half-eaten bodies and the practical werewolf makeup and effects look great
The CGI is one step below what you'd see in a big budget movie, but still gets the job done
My only complaint about "Werewolf: The Beast Among Us" is the picture is a bit too clean
It feels like it was shot in HD and that takes you out of the film sometimes
1 surround mix delivers all the beastly sounds and horrific screams you'd expect from a great monster movie
Bonus material on the Blu-ray version include deleted scenes and feature commentary
There are also featurettes entitled "Making the Monster," "Transformation: Man to Beast," and "Monster Legacy
" We also get the Unrated and R-rated versions of the movie and a digital and Ultraviolet copy
"Werewolf: The Beast Among Us" will satisfying monster movie lovers who long for the days of Hammer and Universal horror classics
It's not flawless by any means but does a good job of paying respects to those films
Horror fans will find it a nice addition to their home entertainment libraries
Many Americans usually do not understand that they are really co-proprietors to some from the most incredible panorama for the planet, our Nationwide Parks
Grant signed into legislation a bill to establish the Yellowstone spot as our very first national park, hence beginning the custom lower as a result of background, of a fresh social idea to preserve similar areas across this excellent property
President Teddy Roosevelt, in the course of his presidency, actively pursued the proliferation of this new sociable notion by establishing the U
s Forestry Program, 5 new national parks, 51 wildlife refuges, 150 nationwide forests and 18 national monuments
To his credit history, the Theodore Roosevelt National Park located in North Dakota, obtained national park standing November 10, 1978
America's national parks have usually been open to all individuals without having discrimination epitomizing democracy at function and supplying all an equal reveal in the success and magnificence in the property
Nowadays the Nationwide Park Support, the consideration-takers of our expense, tend 391 locations that cover above 84 million acres in nearly every express
Elias Nationwide Park and Preserve in Arkansas, with around 13 million acres and also the smallest could be the Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Monument in Pennsylvania with only 0
The most popular nationwide park destination is Glacier Nationwide Park located in Montana, as well as the favourite park for viewing wildlife will be the Channel Islands in California
The governmental support of these wondrous treasures from the American general public falls beneath the Division of the Interior which gives the annual price range to the Nationwide Park Program
After you look at the measurement and scope of your parks as well as the indisputable fact that there are over 272,623,980 guests a yr, you are able to see why adequate funding is of paramount significance
The Nationwide Park Foundation is the charitable associate of America's national parks
It works to connect the American people today plus the parks by raising personal finances, generating strategic grants, making innovative partnerships and growing community awareness
The Nationwide Parks Conservation Association advocates with the nationwide parks and also the National Park Company
The NPCA performs for the floor in and all-around nationwide parks, conducting research, and operating with the National Park Company employees, community leaders, park advocates, and express and federal legislators to ensure that our parks are very well funded, managed and guarded
Equally non-partisan companies are exclusive, non-profit organizations that have contributed mightily towards the effectively-becoming and aid of our national parks and welcome new members and donations
An awesome and inspiring 6-aspect series for PBS, titled The National Parks: America's Very best Thought, a film by Ken Burns, will debut on September 27, 2009
This production was filmed above a greater than six year period amid the back again drop of some from the most breath-using scenery actually captured on film, and chronicles the legacy with the American people who committed themselves to preserving these fantastic park lands
It may possibly surprise you as to who those people people are
The series is usually a contemporary working day reminder to us that we far too ought to rise to responsible stewardship of the park lands and see that they may be preserved and cared for making sure that long run generations can enjoy them too
To carry benefit of reviewing the marvelous lands that you just as an American personal go to the National Parks
Org site and request or download your 2009 Proprietor's Guide filled with comprehensive maps, data and journey ideas and plan to pay a visit to your American funding
Or take a look at the National Park Service web page and obtain your yearly "Parks Cross" for all federal recreation lands and national parks
It truly is your residence, it's your legacy, and it can be your obligation to safeguard for foreseeable future generations
Can come and acquire possession and reveal it with other individuals
It is possible to participate in a very quite energetic way to produce this place a better spot for all
"Law & Order: SVU" is currently airing on Channel 12 in Tempe
3, Spoiler TV shared the photos released for "Law & Order: SVU" episode 14
" The site also released the photos for episode 14
" Check out the photos for both episodes in the slide show
If you missed any of the previously released photos or spoilers for this series, check out the related topics links for this season in the left sidebar for more news
Mike Tyson will appear on this week's episode of "Law & Order: SVU" on NBC
He will play a murderer on death row, and Benson will ask someone to reopen his case after secrets about his case come to light
The episode will also feature appearances by Andre Braugher and Ed Asner
The series has come under fire for casting Tyson on the series
This will be his first time acting on screen as someone other than himself, and advocate groups are upset at his being cast on the series because it is dedicated to sex crime victims
Dick Wolf said the following about the episode, according to Deadline on Sunday:
Tyson is shown in the photos released for the episode
14, the series will see the return of Marcia Gay Harden to the series as she joins the SVU team to investigate a rape case that might be connected to a number of similar cases across the country
Fans are buzzing about this series on social media
"Law & Order: SVU" will continue to air on Channel 12 in Tempe on Wednesday nights
Do you have issues that need to be resolved with your mother
In this recent case, we discovered evidence of the spiritual connection between all of us, while creating an opening to better communication and a smoother relationship between a mother and a daughter
My client, Jann, in her early 50's, stated that she was afraid to confront her mother about how the mother was treating her and her sister
She felt that if she honestly expressed herself to her mother, she may be rejected and lose the mother's love
Her mother had always seemed distant and her love conditional
During a recent visit from her mother, the issue had become intolerable, and Jann was angry with herself for not having the courage to confront her mother
During the session, we explored several aspects of these feelings, allowing Jann to better understand the situation and her own responses
Then, we moved to Chair Therapy, a technique that allows the client to experience an open and non-threatening conversation with the other party
During that experience, Jann's imagination revealed to her a "monster" that was protecting her mother
It would roar and try to attack anyone who attempted to draw too close
She then noticed that her mother appeared to be a baby curled up inside the monster that was protecting her
Investigating this vision, it became apparent that something very traumatic happened to Jann's mother during a past life that left a lasting impression on her soul
The monster had been instituted at that time as a protective device
Without the opportunity for intervening therapy, or other relief from the shock of the past life trauma, this protective response had remained in place, even when it was no longer necessary
Past life trauma is a common issue, giving rise to phobias, reactions, illnesses, personality quirks, and so forth, that do not have sensitizing events that originated in this current life
It is the legacy, the "baggage", that is carried from life to life, when left unchecked
My session with Jann continued as the vision began to transform into one of the monster claiming it was tired, and laying its head on Jann's lap
The baby inside the monster was terrified to explore the cause of the trauma, yet asked for help in healing from that event
Jann felt she had discovered the cause of her inability to confront or communicate openly with her mother, and after implementing a few more techniques to empower Jann, we closed our session
This session had taken place as a demonstration in my professional training course, and we convened for a second training two weeks later
Jann and several of the original students were in attendance once again
Two weeks later, during the second training, Jann reported that she had waited a few days after our session before contacting her mother
She wanted to integrate the session and gather her courage
When she did finally make the call, she wasn't sure if or how she would introduce that information into the conversation
Before Jann ever mentioned her visualizations during our session, her mother offered surprising information
Her mother started the conversation by stating that she had realized several things about herself recently and that she was working on communicating better and responding better to her family members
On her own, she had realized that she was protecting herself, although she didn't understand why
When Jann explained her session and what she had discovered in her visualization, her mother admitted that it all felt true, including the sensation of having a protective monster aspect to her personality
She stated she is ready to understand and release that past life traumatic event so that she can be free from the monster and change her behavioral responses
It was encouraging, if not entirely surprising, to have real-life evidence of the power of the energetic connection between people
Further, it was an important reminder to witness, first-hand, the immediate influence we have on each other
What can you do to improve communication and behavioral responses between you and the people in your life
Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Miranda Otto, Yvonne Strahovski, Bill Nighy, Jai Coutney
Sure, horror movies are supposed to be hideous by nature'you know'grotesque, macabre, twisted, unhinged and off-the-wall
Let us just say that Frankenstein creator Mary Shelley would never imagine the iconic monster man being inexplicably trapped in such crappy kitsch as Beattie's horrifying hogwash
If anything, I, Frankenstein comes off as a bad experiment gone haywire
Sadly, the cheapened nuts and bolts that assembled this particular creature caper almost tarnishes the whole Frankie fable about one of the literary and cinema's most celebrated and legendary monster misfits
Relentlessly uninspired and creatively scatter-shot, Beattie's putrid production wastes a great deal dabbling in wooden acting, grainy and grimy visual effects and a choppy script that looks as if was conceived and outlined on a Mc - Donald's napkin
I, Frankenstein was jumbled together needlessly and never quite adequately juggles its attempt at fusing the various genres to concoct an intriguing frightfest that makes any cohesive sense
The synthetic look to I, Frankenstein is woefully distracting and the intent on presenting a modern-day monster masher as Frankenstein had its potential opportunity in breathing fresh air into a familiar yet mystique myth of Shelley's creepy cad
Instead, Beattie's numbing narrative tries desperately to channel an Underworld-esque vibe which undermines the Frankenstein legacy with such an arbitrary gimmick
Insipid dialogue, the inclusion of unconvincing-looking gargoyles and demons and unevenly staged CGI-induced fight scenes'all hammered in unison to showcase this clumsy creature feature
This miscast of lead Aaron Eckhart-normally a solid and charismatic actor-is startlingly glaring
Here, Eckhart's Frankenstein is fairly good-looking for a so-called brooding monster
He is simply reminiscent of a middle-aged Adonis that was a victim of an errant electric razor that left a few noticeable scars on his face
Wasn't the sole purpose of the Frankenstein formula to display a tortured soul with ominous physical features to downplay an otherwise walking and wounded brute with a misunderstood heart
Certainly one does not want their concept of Frankenstein to look like an eligible ragged stud ready to win women's affection on an episode of The Bachelor
We find Frankenstein'actually, Adam Frankenstein (Eckhart)'lingering in his immortality for about two centuries now
It seems like forever since the Frankster discovered his master's lifeless corpse and waved goodbye to his notable inventor
Now Frankenstein must cope with a lonely existence and trudge along in silent alienation
Anyhow, it does not take long for some unlikely visitors to make their presence known to Adam Frankenstein as they surround him and transport the monster misfit their leader Leonore, Queen of the Gargoyles (Miranda Otto)
Leonore begins to school Frankenstein (interestingly, Leonore is credited with giving Frankenstein his first name of "Adam"
) on her species' continuous epic struggles with the dastardly demons led by their vindictive and prosperous ruler Naberious (Bill Nighy) whose misguided ambition is to do some creating of his own in the name of unpredictable science (he wants to tap the undead and make a demonic army out of them)
At Naberious's sinister side to reluctantly help with his insidious plan is capable scientist Terra (Yvonne Strahovski)
The predictable premise obviously pits ole' Frankie boy in the middle of the heated battle between the more sympathetic gargoyles and the opportunistic demons looking to stock up on more manpower courtesy of Naberious's lofty goals
The pretty Terra has a consciousness after all about assisting the nefarious Naberious and before one can spell "DNA" she decides to fight forces with Frankenstein thus turning her back on the warped Naberious
I, Frankenstein misses the mark totally because its unintentional silliness spoiled whatever dramatic pulse is tried to incorporate in the first place
The film is all over the map and whatever cheekiness and trivial treats to be found in this horrid hockum is indeed buried by the flaccid thinness of this awful actioner
Despite the pseudo splashy 3-D confrontations of Eckhart's buff monster set against the chaotic backdrop of fire explosions, wall-crashing demons and gargoyles, recurring sequences of disintegrating ashes and smoke and the sideline human witnesses that serve as convenient props to the manufactured madness I, Frankenstein is too ludicrous to even entertain as a throwaway guilty pleasure
Shockingly, talented performers such as Eckhart and the usually reliable character actor Nighy singed on the dotted line for this fetid fishbowl of a frightner that seems as inconsequential as a pair of Frankenstein's high-water pants
Nighy does what he can to liven up his villainous alter ego but his evil-minded turn is reduced to cartoonish smithereens courtesy of the movie's mechanically mundane momentum
Strahovski's Terra is not given must to do besides play an admiring cheerleader for Eckhart's daper yet doom-and-gloom enforcer
One thing for sure is that the release of I, Frankenstein in the barren month of January is so fittingly appropriate because it is definitely the time and place to dump off this nonsensical fear factor farce without much consideration
If you are searching for a lower-priced Blu-ray DVD Player that still gives you great features, the Panasonic DMP-BD75 maybe the perfect player to get
Even though this entry-level player, priced around $100
00, does not have as many extra features (non-compatible with 3D content, lacking WI-FI) of the higher-end models
The DMP-BD75 more than delivers with an easy to use interface, incredible fast loading speeds, a built-in Ethernet connection, plays Blu-rays at Full 720p, 1080i, or 1080p video resolution via the HDMI output, online streaming services, USB playback, DLNA capability and more
Continuing its effort to be environmentally friendly, Panasonic has made the effort to downsize the dimensions of the DMP-BD75 in order to reduce packaging
The slimmer design also helps it keep pace with the stylish designs of its competitors
On the front you will find the power button, the LCD display screen, the disc loading tray, a few basic control buttons as well as a USB Port
All other connections are located at the rear of the player
One of the highlights and best features of the new Panasonic 2011 line-up is their new graphical user interface
It is a great improvement over past Panasonic players
It is simple to use, allowing you to quickly navigate the various features
Icons are laid out in a cross menu and can be selected by using the directional key on the remote
The remote is also easy and fast to use, with a great button layout and a dedicated button for the Viera Cast Media Server feature
VIDEO QUALITY: The DMP-BD75 maybe an entry-level player, but it still delivers the same stunningly clear and sharp HD images you will find in higher-end players
Panasonic has included the same Uni - Phier chip that can be found in higher-end players
The chip greatly improves the picture quality while also decreasing power consumption by 48 percent
It is equipped with Adaptive Chroma Processing to help make the details and nuances in a movie scenes come out with more clarity
Also, the vertical color reference process has been increased by 1
Video Connectivity includes one HDMI Output and one Composite Video Output
AUDIO QUALITY: The DMP-BD75 did not skimp on audio quality either
The HDMI Pure Audio feature helps to improve the audio quality permitting natural bass sound reproduction with diminished noise
You can be watching a blu-ray movie within seconds
Its disc loading speeds are among the fastest ever for a Blu-ray Disc Player
And accessing its Online Streaming Media Service is just as easy
The Panasonic Viera Cast media server provides popular sites such as Netflix, Vudu, Amazon VOD, You - Tube, Pandora, Bloomberg News, Twitter, Cinema - Now and more
Other great features of the DMP-BD75 include BD-Live and DLNA capability
You can stream content from other DLNA devices, like your computer, to view on your HDTV
It also has USB playback which supports JPEG, MP3, Div - X HD and MKV files
THE PROS: The DMP-BD75 Blu-ray DVD Player is an entry-level Blu-ray Disc Player from Panasonic
THE CONS: As an entry-level player it is missing a few features you will find in higher end players, such as on board memory for storage, 3D playback, extra video and audio features and Wi-Fi capabilities
THE FINAL WORD: The DMP-BD75 may be a very basic Blu-ray Disc Player, but it does these basic features very well
Providing you with excellent video and audio quality on Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs
It might not have all the bells and whistles of some other players but it does have access to Panasonic
s multimedia Viera Cast that should fulfill all your online streaming and social media needs
99, you should see the DMP-BD75 become one of the more affordable and popular players of 2011
Running back Arian Foster of the Houston Texans might be one of those rare men in the NFL, an atheist
Well, we don't know how rare exactly, because while the Tim Tebows of the NFL world (as is their right) advocate and preach their Christian belief, atheists are largely silent
Former star RB Robert Smith of the Minnesota Vikings, is an atheist, but few have come forward in the meantime
On the other hand, former RB Craig James of the New England Patriots, while running for the Texas Republican U
Senate nomination in 2012, stated that gays are "going to have to answer to the Lord for their actions
See, this god has a clipboard when people get to the Pearly Gates and he asks gay men and women to defend their love
If true, which it isn't of course, then this so called god is not deserving of praise
Foster, he talked about in an interview, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or FSM for short
There is also the Pink Invisible Unicorn, who is of course both pink and invisible just like the Christian God is a trinity
Foster in an earlier interview talked about how he is "not really big on religion" and goes on to give a nice intro into the basics of humanism
So while he might not be an atheist, at the very least, he sounds like a humanist
There are organizations such as the American Humanist Association that promote and defend humanism in the U
Lastly, Asa Philip Randolph, was a civil rights leader and a mentor to Dr
A little known fact about the Civil Rights movement is that many humanists and non-theists were active and supporters of the movement
Well, Senate Resolution 218 is a resolution in honor of this great man and leader
I urge your support to join me in urging your Senators, whoever they might be, in co-sponsoring this resolution
Sony's most up-to-date line of entry-level SLRS have proved preferred on account of their outstanding on-report specification and also the inclusion of valuable characteristics, including an articulating filter and Quick-AF Reside-View
The A390 sits for the prime of this entry stage line of cameras, offering a higher pixel count than numerous other similarly priced cameras within a lightweight and compact human body
Getting aimed at newbies, the A390 isn't at present offered devoid of a lens and will come bundled with their 18-55mm SAM lens as standard for your shade underneath
400, which is not a bad value for your specification
Is it good worth plenty of to tempt new SLR buyers from other manufacturers
As with Sony's other entry-degree SLRs, they have chosen to implement a CCD sensor, in lieu of use CMOS, which could possibly have an effect on the digicam's functionality at larger sensitivities
2 megapixel resolution needs to be plenty ample for significant reproductions of your favorite pictures
Sony's Super Regular Shot method is designed in the body, which signifies you will probably be in a position to acquire advantage of your rewards of image stabilisation with what ever compatible lens you mount around the video camera
No matter if that be an previous Minolta Dynax lens, one in every of Sony's latest offerings, or even a lens made by a 3rd get together producer, including Sigma or Tamron
This should permit the user to maintain the excess weight and price tag of their digicam system with a minimal
A photographic camera shake meter is visible in the bottom suitable corner with the viewfinder that can help you make probably the most with the process as the steadier you are, better it could possibly assist
The viewfinder is really a top-mirror form furnishing 95% insurance plan from the image region
Though I located the viewfinder appears just a little smaller than with some rival cameras, it does the employment effectively plenty of
A complete of nine focusing tips are visible, which could be selected automatically through the camera, or manually when you want to choose handle
The proprietary hotshoe fitting, which is really a legacy from Sony's takeover of Minolta's digicam organization is existing on this design
Though this may not be an instantaneous concern for several novices, it could imply you can must acquire an adapter to provide you a common hotshoe for the attachment of several useful flash accessories
Third celebration adapters are accessible to get a few pounds, or Sony produce their very own which might expense all around
7inch LCD display is usually a joy to use with all the Dwell View element, which gives extremely fast autofocus performance without a doubt for such a process
The filter is often tilted via 90degrees, permitting it to get utilised as being a form of waist-finder, or it could be tilted one other way for shooting over head height
I would have already been nice to see a swivel characteristic additional in order that the digital camera might be utilized in portrait structure more easily in these circumstances, however the monitor is still a valuable resource each of the very same, preserving several a dirty knee when you will need to obtain the digicam close towards the floor
While not the highest resolution display I have previously observed, 230,400 dots is a lot ample for comfortable use alongside aided by the display screen's fantastic viewing angle, brightness and anti-reflection coating
Weighing only 497g, the A390 is surely lightweight for an SLR and can absolutely suit those who want to journey gentle
The system is about as compact as entry-level SLRs from Canon and Nikon, despite the fact that the human body itself feels just a little chunkier, possibly because of to the articulating display
The total suit and end with the A390 is beneficial, with large-good quality plastics becoming utilised all through
The finger grip along with a smaller area within the rear of your body have rubberised grips attached, which assists to supply an excellent obtain
Becoming an entry stage SLR the handle layout is fairly uncluttered, with only important selections possessing committed controls to the pouter floor of the camera
For whatever else, you are going to ought to dip in the menu method, which thankfully may be very obviously laid out, specially for features which include white equilibrium and autofocus selections
Yet, federal rules carry out mandate rest time periods and shift program plans for safety
Also, with regards to FAA requires aircraft dispatchers at commercial airline carriers, many other firms and businesses employ dispatchers in their safety programs for air travel
These include providers with aviation sectors, concierge companies, and charter or cargo commercial airlines
Opportunities may also exist to work abroad as any FAA Dispatcher's licence may open doors to work credentials
Apart from standard insurance, retiring, and pass privilege benefits essentially airlines, dispatchers are authorized to cruise the flight ground jumpseat when for sale
The recent bankruptcy announcements for Northwest and Delta Airlines has sent a shudder by way of the aviation business as expected job cuts loom and possible more bankruptcy filings are considered
These are not good days for a lot of carriers as high legacy costs, pricey jet fuel, and inefficient management practices have worked with each other to bring down some of the larger names out there
Thankfully, all is not bleak in the market and, in fact, numerous jobs are getting created for the opportunistic individual
Knowing in which to search can present a challenge, but finding the appropriate task can be a rewarding knowledge
Let's take a look at some options that might be right for you
Led by Southwest Airlines and Jet - Blue, discount carriers continue to develop stronger although legacy carriers [like American, Continental, Delta, United, Northwest, and USAir] struggle
A lot of discount carriers had been born throughout a period of deregulation that has gained strength given that the 1980s which gave discount carriers a place to develop
Only the fittest have survived and they are the business task makers today
Your nearby airport is staffed by folks who handle the facility on behalf of airport operators
In addition to government workers who man the towers and offer security, every airport has a staff of personnel to assist in the management of the facility
Common positions incorporate constructing and grounds upkeep, marketing and advertising, customer relations, and administration
Uncover out which airports are in your area, who is managing that airport, and then apply directly to the managing company
The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA is tasked with regulating the aviation industry
FAA jobs are listed on their very own site at and they are often searching for capable and skilled personnel
In addition, many state and nearby governments manage and regulate airports and are a good source of employment as properly
A segment of the industry not understood by some is business aviation
Private jets carrying folks, households, business folks, and far more operate from airports all over the nation
These companies have their personal staff of flight coordinators, dispatchers, pilots, technicians, flight attendants, administrators, and far more
Top operators include: Netjets, Executive Jet Management, Jet Aviation, TAG Aviation, Atlantic Aviation, Flight Options, Flexjet, Regal Aviation, Pacific Jet, New World Aviation, and much more
Apply straight to every single company for employment
Some corporations personal and handle their personal fleet of jets
In these cases they have their own in residence flight department consisting of pilots, flight attendants, upkeep technicians, flight help personnel, administrators, and more
Jobs are listed through key employment internet sites such as Monster, Profession Builder, and the Aviation Employment Board
The social scene and archaeological stays of the Bamiyan Valley speak to the creative and religious advancements which from the first to the thirteenth centuries described antiquated Bakhtria, reconciling different social impacts into the Gandhara school of Buddhist craft
The zone holds various Buddhist ascetic outfits and asylums, and in addition sustained buildings from the Islamic period
The site is additionally affirmation to the disastrous devastation by the Taliban of the two standing Buddha statues, which shook the planet in March 2001
Encased between the high heaps of the Hindu Kush in the focal good countries of Afghanistan, the Bamiyan Valley opens out into an extensive bowl outskirted to the north by a long, high extend of rough bluffs
The Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley embody a serial property comprising of eight divide destinations inside the Valley and its tributaries
Cut into the Bamiyan Cliffs are the two corners of the monster Buddha statues (55m and 38m high) crushed by the Taliban in 2001, and various holes shaping an expansive group of Buddhist cloisters, churches and havens along the foothills of the valley dating from the third to the fifth century C
In numerous of the caverns and corners, frequently interfaced by exhibitions, there are stays of divider painted creations and situated Buddha figures
In the valleys of the Bamiyan's tributaries are further aggregations of holes incorporating the Kakrak Valley Caves, around 3km south-east of the Bamiyan Cliffs where around the more than one hundred caverns dating from the sixth to thirteenth centuries are sections of a 10m tall standing Buddha figure and an asylum with painted enhancements from the Sasanian period
Along the Fuladi valley around 2km southwest of the Bamiyan Cliffs are the holes of Qoul-i Akram and Lalai Ghami, likewise holding beautifying characteristics
Punctuating the middle of the valley bowl to the south of the incredible precipice are the stays of the stronghold of Shahr-i Ghulghulah
Dating from the sixth to tenth centuries CE, this denote the definitive settlement of Bamiyan as ceasing place on the extension of the Silk Route, which interfaced China and India by means of aged Bactria
Further to the east along the Bamiyan Valley are the stays of stronghold dividers and settlements, dating from the sixth to eighth centuries at Qallai Kaphari An and B and further east still (around 15km east of the Bamiyan Cliffs) at Shahr-i Zuhak, where the prior remains are overlaid by improvements of the tenth to thirteenth centuries under the principle of the Islamic Ghaznavid and Ghorid traditions
The Buddha statues and the hole craft in Bamiyan Valley are an extraordinary representation of the Gandharan school in Buddhist craftsmanship in the Central Asian area
The aesthetic and design stays of Bamiyan Valley, a significant Buddhist focus on the Silk Road, are an outstanding affirmation to the trade of Indian, Hellenistic, Roman and Sasanian impacts as the support for the advancement of a specific creative declaration in the Gandharan school
To this might be included the Islamic impact in a later period
The Bamiyan Valley bears an outstanding affirmation to a social custom in the Central Asian district, which has vanished
The Bamiyan Valley is an extraordinary case of a social scene which shows a noteworthy period in Buddhism
The Bamiyan Valley is the most fantastic outflow of the western Buddhism
It was an imperative middle of journey over numerous hundreds of years
Because of their typical qualities, the landmarks have endured at distinctive times of their presence, incorporating the consider annihilation in 2001, which shook the entire planet
The legacy assets in Bamiyan Valley have experienced different debacles and a few parts are in a delicate state
A major misfortune to the uprightness of the site was the decimation of the huge Buddha statues in 2001
Be that as it may, a huge extent of every last one of traits that express the Outstanding Universal Value of the site, for example Buddhist and Islamic compositional shapes and their setting in the Bamiyan scene, remain sound at each of the 8 destinations inside the limits, incorporating the tremendous Buddhist religious community in the Bamiyan Cliffs which held the two goliath figures of the Buddha
At present, the administration framework is temporary with assistance from the worldwide group for the proper authoritative, exploratory and specialized assets
Since 2003, UNESCO has been heading a three-stage safe-guarding anticipate the property
Its center has been to unite the Buddha specialties, to shield the curios that survived the demolition of the Buddha statues and to render the site safe, strikingly by seeking after the mind boggling de-mining operations at the site
A Management Plan for the property is under readiness with the target to arrange and actualize a programme for the assurance, preservation and presentation of the Bamiyan Valley, to embrace investigation and uncovering of the archaeological remains, and to get ready and execute a programme for manageable social tourism in the Valley
The Governor of the Province is answerable for the execution of a local improvement arrange, which incorporates recovery of lodging, procurement of health and instructive administrations, and advancement of foundation and horticulture
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It often happens that when a person dies, his legacy of work with time becomes forgotten to the world
Richard and his wife Elaine have been entrusted with Michael's work with a group of entities called The Evergreens
The Evergreens spoke through Michael while he was in a trance or 'sleeping' state and his wife served as director of the trance state sessions
He was a quiet man who never sought the spotlight for his talent as a channeler
However, following his retirement in 2004, he and his wife asked Richard and Elaine if they would be interested in taking care of The Evergreens material and legacy
'Understanding the value and importance' of the channeled messages, they agreed
The couple had known Michael for some time by then
He had married Elaine's aunt, Elly Roselle, in 1985 and she first met him at a family reunion when she was just 7 years old
'He quickly became a beloved part of her family,' Richard noted
Some years later, when Elaine was in her last three years of high school, she went to live with Michael and his wife in British Columbia
'The Evergreens were part of household life at the Read house,' Richard said
'She had several personal sessions, attended all public readings and worked for them briefly as a transcriber
Richard also had a connection with Michael through his father who was a good friend of his, as well as a collaborator with The Mind Institute in Ontario
Richard first met him when he was only 3 years old
'We met Richard (again) when he visited BC in 1995 and when he married in 1997
We moved to Ontario for seven years but moved back to BC in 2006
We bought a house 10 minutes away from Michael and Elly, and enjoyed Sunday dinners together until Michael passed away last year
He left behind an extensive library of public sessions that he presented and are now on tape
It includes but is not limited to: astral travel, repairing physical ailments with mind power, importance of laughter, personal relationships, relaxation techniques, meditation, spirit guides, UFOs, the early life of Christ, Atlantis, dreams, sound and vibration, astrology, learning to love ourselves, tapping into the power for psychic success, time, space, energy and consciousness, soul fragments, fractions and elementals, smashing restrictive beliefs, spirituality and how to solve any problem
There are also a couple of truly fascinating sessions ' The Unexplained and A Day in the Life of a Man in the Year 2078
The Unexplained goes into such topics as the Great Lakes triangle, Bermuda Triangle, black holes, Shangri La and the devil
The one about a man in the year 2078 offers 'information through contact with a man living in that time,' including his lifestyle, education, thought patterns, values and even his clothing
'In 2010, we realized the sooner we started the preservation process, the better
Congruent with Michael's desire for privacy, our only focus was preservation, and slowly making digital recordings available
Due to Michael's 'quiet nature,' and avoidance of any publicity with regard to his channeling, 'The Evergreens never had an Internet presence,' he said
'We knew that this wealth of material was far too important to be kept hidden,' he added noting that they had a large project ahead of them
Michael had dedicated three decades of his life to channeling the messages
'The Evergreens knew their impact would reach far beyond the length of Michael's career
With the utmost reverence and respect to the gift we have been given, we endeavored to make The Evergreens teachings easily accessible in this digital era
'After working on the project for three years and only accomplishing five percent of the work, we realized that we were racing the breakdown of the old analog media and that at this pace it would be a decade before we finally slogged our way through the mountain of material
That is when Richard and Elaine made the decision to start an Indiegogo campaign so they could get the work done more expediently
'Sadly Michael passed away on January 27, 2013,' Richard noted and the conversion of the messages was far from complete
However he added that Michael had published a book in 1977, which included several collections of The Evergreens' material
'The most popular is The Evergreens Gentle Book of Practical Living Pointers,' he noted
'Michael and Elly published The Evergreens' Journal of Future Trends and Directions, a quarterly publication which included The Evergreens' latest predictions and probabilities in politics, markets, weather, geographical changes, lifestyles, astrology, philosophy, and more up until 1998
So how did this unassuming man come to channel these entities in the first place
In 1974, he was taking a nap between classes at The Mind Institute when a woman came into the room
She made a phone call and asked the person the other end a question
'Michael, fast asleep, answered her question,' Richard said
'He woke up about half an hour later to find half a dozen people watching him and taking notes, most upset that he had awakened
While Michael was sleeping, he was answering questions asked by those gathered around him
Michael was in a state of shock and could not imagine how that had happened
A few days afterward, the director of the institute talked him into trying to do it again, 'if only to prove that it couldn't be done
Since then Michael has chalked up 'more than 12,000 hours of deep trance sessions for groups, individuals, businesses, seminars, research organizations, governments, and publications
During the following 12 years Michael offered private and public sessions with The Evergreens, establishing an unprecedented reputation
Originally from London, England, Michael came to Canada where his family settled in Kingston, Ontario in 1953 when he was 15 years old
After graduating from high school, he took a job with an advertising agency in Kingston
Thirteen years later, he became president of his own advertising agency in Toronto
He became interested in parapsychology in his mid-30's and joined The Mind Institute, also in Toronto
He also developed an interest Kirlian photography (named after Russian Semyon Kirlian and also called electrography; it is a photographic technique used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharge from the human body)
Within a year, he became the institute's senior instructor
'In 1986, Michael moved to the west coast,' where he got married
He and his wife continued to offer channeling services there, although he was 'in demand across Canada, the U
Some corporations very own and manage their very own fleet of jets
In these instances they have their personal in house flight department consisting of pilots, flight attendants, upkeep technicians, flight assistance personnel, administrators, and much more
Jobs are listed via key employment websites such as Monster, Profession Builder, and the Aviation Employment Board
If functioning in the aviation industry is attractive to you, these choices present options to the standard legacy carriers
The planet is modifying and with it are the opportunities
Keeping your choices open by looking in the correct areas will assist you effectively navigate this ever altering and thrilling market
UAE is one of the most sought right after profession destinations in the total Middle East area
It has seven emirates out of which Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman are the most critical ones
With millions of experts migrating for jobs in UAE, the population of foreigners is significantly higher than the locals in the emirate
The approach of diversification has spawned significant quantity of employment opportunities in the area across a variety of sectors
Aviation jobs in UAE are at their greatest as the travel & tourism sector grows significantly owing to the increasing air traffic
The development in tourism sector has helped enhance the travel sector as a result, bringing a boom in its aviation segment
The demand for aviation specialists like cabin crew and pilots is spiraling up as the motion of individuals has elevated in each the domestic and the international spheres
According to a recent report by GCAA (Common Civil Aviation Authority), air visitors in UAE has grown by virtually 12% in July
The highest aircraft motion in the 2nd quarter of the fiscal year 2010-11 is a clear indicator of the developing need for aviation solutions in UAE
Dubai topped the movements followed by Abu Dhabi whilst Sharjah stood third re-emphasizing on the simple fact that UAE is establishing at an unprecedented rate
A robust regional economic climate and an ability to attract extended-haul site visitors are what drive the development in UAE aviation sector
Middle Eastern economies are recovering considerably more quickly than these in Europe and Asia as revealed by The International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Such expansion requirements enormous help from skilled and experienced human sources so as to offer finest services to the travelers
As a outcome, numerous aviation jobs in UAE are deemed open to foreign specialists who can be employed to handle guests in international flights
Lots of perform is done in the sector with issuance and renewal of certificates for aircraft upkeep, aircraft registration and airworthiness
Also, many air operator and simulator certificates have been issued along with a variety of inspections and audits, aircraft modification transactions and examination permits being carried out
All this is to ensure air security and smooth functioning of the aircrafts and ultimately the sector
In addition to certifications and inspections, enormous investments are being made in aviation sector of UAE both in terms of funds and manpower
The numbers of aviation jobs in United Arab Emirates have been multiplying owing to the expansion and up-gradation of eight international airports in the region
The money employed in the sector is amongst the biggest investments in the globe even as additional redevelopment programs are in progress
Many movie classics have been remade over the years but the wait for "The Wolfman" is growing in intensity for those who enjoy the horror genre
Universal Studios is nearing it's release of a remake of the classic with "The Wolfman", due to hit theaters on Feb
The film, based on the original movie production screenplay by Curt Siodmak, is centered around a place called Blackmoor where there has been a rash of brutal murders
This film would suit me better than flowers for Valentine's Day
Lawrence Talbot (Bernicio Del Toro) is summoned home after the vicious murder of his brother, only to learn of a monster that has been on a killing spree in and around London
His brother's betrothed, Gwen Conliffe (Emily Blunt), recruits Lawrence to help solve the murder while his estranged father, Sir John Talbot (Anthony Hopkins), seems to know more than he is telling
An officer of Scotland Yard, Aberline (Hugo Weaving) has also been called in to investigate the murders and soon is looking for silver bullets
Lawrence Talbot was an unassuming and humble man that left home after the death of his mother
Years abroad had eased his loss but coming back to Blackmoor because of his brother's murder was difficult, especially with the distant relationship between his father and himself
His heart is eventually lost to the woman who summoned him home for help and his dilemma becomes even more entangled
The more Talbot searched for answers the more darkness he discovered and the more intent he became to kill the beast that roamed the woods with every full moon
Talbot finds that he also harbors darkness within himself that he has been unaware of before
The remake of the 1941 classic starring Lon Chaney, Jr
has been tweaked a bit to suit modern day audiences
Though similar in plot, there was no CG capabilities in the 40s and the use of prosthetics was quite limited compared to today's movie magic
The director, Joe Johnston, used an excellent combination of CG with live direction to create this film
The transformations are CG, of course, but some aspects of the film were shot using no CG at all, as in the werewolf's jump off of a building while trying to evade capture
A cable attached to the actor was used to control his jump from level to level of the building until touching the ground
The transformation from man to werewolf is awe inspiring and frightening
Del Toro makes it look excruciating and believable
His eyes give a unique quality to the transformation and are quite "haunting", for lack of a better word
Del Toro has been interested in the genre of horror movies since childhood and he was excited to take part in "The Wolfman"
He plays the part well and is believable in the role of Lawrence Talbot
Del Toro has been seen in things like "License to Kill" and Steven Spielberg's "Traffic"
Anthony Hopkins gives a winning performance as Sir John Talbot, a cold and distant father
Hugo Weaving gives an intense performance as Inspector Aberline of Scotland Yard and is very believable
He is best known, perhaps, from his roles of the Elf King, Lord Elrond (Lord Of The Rings trilogy) and Agent Smith (Matrix trilogy)
Emily Blunt gives a winning performance as Gwen and shows vulnerability as well as strength
She has played the lead role in the British film "My Summer Of Love" and "Gideon's Daughter"
Produced by Scott Stuber, Rick Yorn and Sean Daniel
Executive Producers include Bill Carraro, and Ryan Kavanaugh
Make up for this film was done by Rick Baker (Men In Black), with the music created by Danny Elfman
If the available trailers are any indication, this film should be one for the record books, both in quality and money at the box office
Universal Studios has given the public an opportunity for a stroll down "Monster Memory Lane", as I call it, with a website dedicated to their "Monster Legacy"
Anything from Dracula, Frankenstein, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the original Wolf-man and others can be found on this dedication to classic movie monsters
Those of us that love the classic monsters owe Universal a big "thank you" for bringing them to us
An shocking stage in workplace abuse threatens to pitch alot more popcorn cinema rhythms of "The Bourne Legacy" completely out from power
In the last part of 07 The Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne got to the belly in the monster who swindled it of their storage and additionally reproduced him
The 3 rd sequel has been Matt Damon's final as the existentially stressed factor
And even though the entrance is still turned unclosed with respect to Jason to return, the business has found a gripping, completely new main character in Aaron Cross plus a commanding performer in Jeremy Renner
It's possible Cross, an old States recruit assumed gone, has a much more tremendous skill level set compared to Jason Bourne
Give some thought to him and the latest show Bourne 2
Provided by Gilroy as well as his brother Dan, "The Bourne Legacy" rides over the entirely legitimate thought that Bourne is not the only real expert authorities had been twisting with drugs and coaching
You can find some other investigation plans in addition Treadstone along with companies beyond the CIA engaged within the behaviour and physical engineering of machines-competent operatives
Don't allow flick's lots of government acronyms along with the medical terms pitch you, the idea is actually an uncomplicated one: Bourne's last intrusion to N
created the government's clandestine perform inclined
What is considered relatively untenable though really required, given that 1 opponent for that systems states, is required to become crushed
Edward Norton leaves a fascinating face in bureaucratically deathly judgment crafting as former Col
Eric Byer, the person which formed and additionally maintained the a variety of projects running and now is certainly pulling a plug
Martha Shearing, a health scientist that was happily immersed in her sharp labor being a scientist with no need of thinking about the even bigger image
When this girl becomes the single survivor of a particular blow up, this lady no longer contains that particular amoral lavishness
Renner as well as Rachel Weisz deliver the results effectively with each other such as two hunted souls who in the beginning demand 1 another for utilitarian factors
Whilst she isn't going to achieve it at the beginning, this lady requires his defense
He necessities the actual narcotics which usually hold Outcome specialists physically and also emotionally in form
Their slow-moving enhance to one thing really romantic may well feel known, then again it really is equally fascinating
Many of us root with them whether there're contributors in the superbly foolish, boldly created street bike run after inside of Manila
A author on an organization on its start out, Gilroy can be an adviser belonging to the business wisdom
He's additionally a deft and even self-assured issuer of action genre
The Bourne Legacy is not going to jump thoughtlessly into action but yet as a substitute takes its time in order to bring in its most current player, a real one particular personality in the nippy wild going to appear in out of the frost
Driving into Manhattan one day recently, the NPR station was featuring their popular interview program called 'From Scratch'
Moderator Jessica Harris was talking to Joan Ganz Cooney She's co-founder of the Children's Television Workshop, which is now known as Sesame Workshop, a name change that seems quite fitting considering the Sesame Street legacy that she helped create
Cooney's recollections of Sesame Street with a marketers interest of course since her behind the scenes stories of the TV programs and all the related books and other merchandising items connected to the franchise definitely made for super successful package
From Bert and Ernie, to the Cookie Monster, the characters were, and still are, continually popular throughout the world
So I was arriving at my Greenwich Village destination just as the NPR radio interview was about to conclude
There's one-- right on Mc - Dougall Street off Bleecker
Luckily, someone just pulled out as I pulled into the last spot on the block and noticed that just as I was parking, a black van pulled up to double park on the narrow street
With thoughts of the Sesame Street NPR interview in my mind, I got out of my car and watched as the driver of the black van opened his rear hatch door revealing what I thought was some sort of mirage
Standing on the sidewalk by my car, I watched the man carefully lift this heavy Cookie Monster out and gently place it on an outdoor table by a restaurant
I couldn't resist asking a few questions (and taking a picture)
Turns out, the Cookie Monster was edible, made from scratch and baked to perfection to be gobbled up at a surprise birthday party for a thirty-year old young woman who was known to be a big Sesame Street Cookie Monster fan
From hearing an NPR Joan Ganz Cooney interview to seeing a real live edible Cookie Monster making its debut on a New York City Greenwich Village Street
4, 2013 Konami announced "Legacy of the Valiant," a new "Yu-Gi-Oh
" expansion set that'll supercharge duelists decks
"Legacy of the Valiant" introduces several new themes to the game, including one centered around Plants
The upcoming set will allow duelists to "infuse their decks with the strength of the very land itself
"Legacy of the Valiant" features the largest stockpile of Gravekeeper cards since appearing in any "Yu-Gi-Oh
" It also features several brand new Monarch cards, following their re-introduction in "Shadow Specters," and a Ghost Rare version of the brand new Mobius the Mega Monarch
According to an email we received from Konami there are several must have cards from the se
Evilswarm Exciton Knight is a deadly Xyz monster which can destroy every other card on the field and be played in any Deck
Those who like tricky Trap cards will want to get their hands on Shared Ride, which allows you to draw cards when your opponent adds cards from their Deck or Graveyard to their hand
"Legacy of the Valiant" has additional weapons for players who enjoy Bujin and Ghostrick strategies, along with more cards from the "Yu-Gi-Oh
24, 2014 in 9-card booster packs for an MSRP of $3
You'll be able to get a first look at the cards at "Sneak Peek" events on Jan
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Many websites on the Internet that provide people with hip hop beats often times come and go
That's what makes a few of the online beat stores so special and why they're growing in popularity
There is only a hand few that are professionally operated
Not only are you assured that all of the beats found on these websites are fresh and legally compliant, but you will also find that it's very easy to use their websites
Something to think about is wouldn't it be great if you could listen to entire hip-hop beats before making a decision about whether or not to buy
The real challenge is that so many websites that offer to sell you hip hop beats typically only let you listen to a small portion of the beat
This can be very problematic because it can be hard for you to figure out whether or not the beat will truly fit into your musical project
There is only a handful of websites that are different because they enable you to listen to the entire beat before making your decision
Sure, there's an audio watermark, but it really doesn't interfere with your ability to truly sample what the beat sounds like
Think about the opportunity you have to establish a business relationship with the service that is not going away anytime soon
As mentioned at the beginning of this article, many different websites that provide hip-hop beats come and go
This is largely due to the fact that they are operated and managed by hobbyists instead of serious business professionals
So if you find yourself actively seeking a quality website through which you can purchase a wide variety of different hip hop beats, you should really seriously consider revisiting some of the top websites today to see what they offer
Not only will you find their websites to be very easy to navigate, but you will also notice that it's extremely easy to purchase the beats that you want while at the same time saving money
Be sure to tell your friends in the music community about these sites
The more people who support the website, the easier it will be for them to stay in business for a very long time and to continue providing first-class service and support for people who are actively working on musical projects and in need of high quality hip hop beats
Top operators include: Netjets, Executive Jet Management, Jet Aviation, TAG Aviation, Atlantic Aviation, Flight Options, Flexjet, Regal Aviation, Pacific Jet, New Planet Aviation, and a lot more
Apply directly to each and every firm for employment
Some corporations personal and manage their personal fleet of jets
In these situations they have their very own in house flight department consisting of pilots, flight attendants, maintenance technicians, flight help personnel, administrators, and much more
Jobs are listed through key employment sites which includes Monster, Profession Builder, and the Aviation Employment Board
If operating in the aviation sector is attractive to you, these options present options to the standard legacy carriers
The planet is modifying and with it are the possibilities
Maintaining your possibilities open by looking in the proper spots will support you effectively navigate this ever changing and exciting business
UAE is 1 of the most sought following career destinations in the entire Middle East region
It has seven emirates out of which Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman are the most crucial ones
With millions of pros migrating for jobs in UAE, the population of foreigners is considerably greater than the locals in the emirate
The procedure of diversification has spawned big number of employment possibilities in the region across a variety of sectors
Aviation jobs in UAE are at their greatest as the travel & tourism sector grows considerably owing to the growing air site visitors
The growth in tourism sector has helped increase the travel market as a result, bringing a boom in its aviation segment
The demand for aviation professionals like cabin crew and pilots is spiraling up as the movement of people has enhanced in each the domestic and the international spheres
According to a latest report by GCAA (Basic Civil Aviation Authority), air visitors in UAE has grown by almost 12% in July
The highest aircraft movement in the 2nd quarter of the financial year 2010-11 is a clear indicator of the growing want for aviation services in UAE
Dubai topped the movements followed by Abu Dhabi whilst Sharjah stood third re-emphasizing on the reality that UAE is establishing at an unprecedented rate
A robust regional economic climate and an ability to attract lengthy-haul targeted traffic are what drive the development in UAE aviation sector
Middle Eastern economies are recovering significantly more rapidly than those in Europe and Asia as revealed by The International Air Transport Association (IATA)
This kind of expansion desires massive help from skilled and skilled human resources so as to offer you finest solutions to the travelers
As a outcome, quite a few aviation jobs in UAE are deemed open to foreign professionals who can be employed to handle guests in international flights
Lots of function is completed in the sector with issuance and renewal of certificates for aircraft upkeep, aircraft registration and airworthiness
Also, several air operator and simulator certificates have been issued along with different inspections and audits, aircraft modification transactions and examination permits being carried out
All this is to make sure air security and smooth functioning of the aircrafts and ultimately the sector
Apart from certifications and inspections, large investments are getting created in aviation sector of UAE the two in terms of funds and manpower
The numbers of aviation jobs in United Arab Emirates have been multiplying owing to the expansion and up-gradation of 8 international airports in the region
This is the last portion of the Yu-Gi-Oh card clarification and Errata
This list contains every card clarified by Upperdeck from S through Z
Sanga of the Thunder (Metal Raiders, Dark Beginning 1) You can only activate this card's effect during your opponent's damage calculation
Make the ATK of a monster attacking this card 0 during damage calculation
This effect can only be used once as long as this card remains face-up on the field
Sangan (Metal Raiders, Starter Decks: Joey, Yugi Evolution, Dark Beginning 2) When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, select 1 monster with an ATK of 1500 or less from your Deck, show it to your opponent, and add it to your hand
Second Goblin (Magician's Force, Dark Revelation vol
1) Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this monster on the field, you can equip it to your "Giant Orc" as an Equip Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position
While equipped to a monster by this card's effect, you can change the equipped monster's battle position once per turn
(1 monster can only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time
If the equipped monster is destroyed as a result of battle, destroy this card instead
Shadow of Eyes (Pharaoh's Servant, Dark Beginning 1) You can only activate this card when your opponent Sets a Monster Card in Defense Position
If the Monster Card has a Flip Effect, it is not activated
Shield & Sword (Metal Raiders, Starter Deck Joey, Dark Beginning 2) Switch the original ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters on the field until the end of the End Phase
Any additions and subtractions to ATK and DEF due to card effects are applied to the new ATK and DEF
Monsters Summoned after this card's activation are excluded
Shining Angel (Spell Ruler, Dark Beginning 1) When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you can Special Summon 1 LIGHT monster with an ATK of 1500 or less in face-up Attack Position from your Deck
Snake Fang (Spell Ruler) Decrease 1 face-up monster's DEF by 500 points until the end of this turn
Snatch Steal (Spell Ruler, Dark Beginning 1, Structure Decks: Dragon's Roar, Zombie Madness, Blaze of Destruction, Fury from the Deep, Warrior's Triumph) Take control of a monster on your opponent's side of the field that is equipped with this card
Increase your opponent's Life Points by 1000 points during each of their Standby Phases
Solemn Judgment (Metal Raiders, Dark Beginning 2) Pay half of your Life Points
Solomon's Lawbook (Pharaoh's Servant) Skip your next Standby Phase
Soul Exchange (Tournament Pack 7, Starter Decks: Yugi, Kaiba Evolution) Select 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field
This turn, if you would Tribute a monster on your side of the field, Tribute the selected monster instead
You cannot conduct your Battle Phase during the turn that you activate this card
This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 2 LIGHT monsters in your Graveyard
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, decrease the ATK of all monsters on your opponent's side of the field by 300 points during their Battle Phase
Soul Release (Metal Raiders, Starter Deck Pegasus, Dark Beginning 1) Select up to 5 cards from either your or your opponent's Graveyard(s) and remove them from play
Spell Shield Type-8 (Magician's Force, Dark Revelation vol
1, Structure Decks: Blaze of Destruction, Fury from the Deep) Select and activate 1 of the following effects: *Negate the activation and the effect of a Spell Card that targets 1 monster on the field and destroy the Spell Card
*Send 1 Spell Card from your hand to the Graveyard to negate the activation and the effect of a Spell Card and destroy it
Spellbinding Circle (Spell Ruler, Starter Deck Yugi Evolution, Dark Beginning 1) Select 1 monster
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, the selected monster cannot attack or change its battle position
When the selected monster is destroyed, this card is also destroyed
This card can only be Special Summoned by removing 1 FIRE monster in your Graveyard from play
Increase the ATK of this monster by 300 points during your Battle Phase
Spirit Ryu (Legacy of Darkness, Starter Deck Kaiba Evolution, Dark Beginning 2) You can only activate this effect during your Battle Step, if this card battles during your turn
Discard 1 Dragon-Type monster from your hand to the Graveyard to increase the ATK and DEF of this card by 1000 points until the End Step
Suijin (Metal Raiders, Dark Beginning 1) You can only activate this card's effect during your opponent's damage calculation
Make the ATK of a monster attacking this card 0 during damage calculation
This effect can only be used once as long as this card remains face-up on the field
Super Roboyarou (Legacy of Darkness) "Roboyarou" + "Robolady" You can Special Summon "Super Robolady" by returning this card from the field to the Fusion Deck
You cannot use this effect during the same turn this monster is Special Summoned
In addition, increase the ATK of this monster by 1000 points during the Damage Step when this monster battles with a monster
Sword Hunter (Pharaoh's Servant, Dark Beginning 1) A monster destroyed by this card as a result of battle becomes an Equip Card at the end of the Battle Phase that increases the ATK of this card by 200 points
Swords of Revealing Light (Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Starter Deck Yugi Evolution, Dark Beginning 1) Flip all face-down monsters on your opponent's side of the field face-up
This card remains face-up on the field for 3 of your opponent's turns
As long as this card remains face-up on the field, your opponent cannot declare an attack
Tailor of the Fickle (Spell Ruler, Dark Beginning 1) Switch 1 Equip Card equipped to a monster to another correct target
The Bistro Butcher (Metal Raiders, Dark Beginning 2) When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, your opponent draws 2 cards from their Deck
The Fiend Megacyber (Pharaoh's Servant, Tournament Pack 4, Dark Beginning 1) You can Special Summon this card from your hand if your opponent has at least 2 more monsters on the field than you do
The Flute of Summoning Dragon (Starter Decks: Kaiba, Kaiba Evolution) You can only activate this card when "Lord of D
Special Summon up to 2 Dragon-Type monsters from your hand to your side of the field
The Forceful Sentry (Spell Ruler, Dark Beginning 1) Look at your opponent's hand
The Legendary Fisherman (Pharaoh's Servant, Dark Beginning 1) As long as "Umi" is face-up on the field, this card is unaffected by any Spell Cards
Monsters on your opponent's side of the field cannot select this card as an attack target
The Regulation of Tribe (Pharaoh's Servant) Declare 1 Type of monster
Tribute 1 monster from your side of the field during each of your Standby Phases
This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 1 EARTH monster in your Graveyard
Increase the ATK of this monster by 300 points during your opponent's Battle Phase
Thousand-Eyes Restrict (Pharaoh's Servant, Duelist League 1, Dark Beginning 1) "Relinquished" + "Thousand-Eyes Idol" As long as this card remains face-up on the field, other monsters cannot change their battle positions or attack
Select 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field and equip it to this card (this effect can only be used once per turn and you can only equip 1 monster at a time to this card)
The ATK and DEF of this card become the same amounts as the monster equipped to this card
If this card is destroyed as a result of battle, the equipped monster is destroyed instead
Throwstone Unit (Legacy of Darkness) Tribute 1 Warrior-Type monster on your side of the field to destroy 1 face-up monster on the field whose DEF is equal to or less than the ATK of "Throwstone Unit"
Toll (Spell Ruler, Dark Beginning 1) Each player must pay 500 Life Points to declare an attack
Toon Mermaid (Spell Ruler, Starter Deck Pegasus, Dark Beginning 1) This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set
This card can only be Special Summoned while "Toon World" is on your side the field
You can Special Summon this monster from your hand, but Tributes are required for monsters Level 5 or more
This card cannot attack in the turn that it is Summoned
Unless you pay 500 Life Points, this monster cannot attack
When "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, this card is also destroyed
If your opponent doesn't control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly
If a face-up Toon Monster is on your opponent's side of the field, your must select the Toon Monster as an attack target
Toon Summoned Skull (Spell Ruler, Starter Deck Pegasus, Dark Beginning 1) This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set
This card can only be Special Summoned while "Toon World" is on your side the field
You can Special Summon this monster from your hand, but Tributes are required for monsters Level 5 or more
This card cannot attack in the turn that it is Summoned
Unless you pay 500 Life Points, this monster cannot attack
When "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, this card is also destroyed
If your opponent doesn't control a Toon Monster, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly
If a face-up Toon Monster is on your opponent's side of the field, your must select the Toon Monster as an attack target
As long as "Umi" remains face-up on the field, any damage from attacking monsters to your Life Points becomes 0
When "Umi" is removed from the field, this card is also destroyed
Trap Master (Starter Decks: Yugi, Kaiba, Kaiba Evolution) FLIP: Select 1 Trap Card on the field and destroy it
If the selected card is Set, pick up and see the card
If it is a Spell Card, return it to its original position
Tribute Doll (Magician's Force, Dark Revelation vol
1) Tribute 1 monster on your side of the field to activate this card
Special Summon 1 Level 7 monster that can be Normal Summoned from your hand
Troop Dragon (Legacy of Darkness, Dark Beginning 2) If this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, select and Special Summon 1 "Troop Dragon" from your Deck to your side of the field
Type Zero Magic Crusher (Pharaoh's Servant, Dark Beginning 1) Discard 1 Spell Card from your hand to inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points
UFO Turtle (Spell Ruler, Dark Beginning 1, Structure Deck: Blaze of Destruction) When this card is sent to the Graveyard as a result of battle, you can Special Summon 1 FIRE monster with an ATK of 1500 or less in face-up Attack Position from your Deck
Ultimate Offering (Starter Decks: Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, Pegasus) By paying 500 Life Points, Normal Summon or Set 1 extra monster
You can only activate this effect during your Main Phase or your opponent's Battle Phase
Versago the Destroyer (Tournament Pack 1 & 5) You can substitute this card for any 1 Fusion-Material Monster
When you do this, the other Fusion-Material Monster(s) must be the correct one(s)
Vilepawn Archfiend (Dark Crisis, Dark Revelation vol
When this card is targeted by the effect of a card controlled by your opponent, when resolving the effect, roll a six-sided die
If the result is 3, negate the effect and destroy the opponent's card
As long as this card remains on the field, your opponent cannot attack any Archfiend Monster Card on your side of the field except "Vilepawn Archfiend"
Waboku (Starter Decks: Yugi, Joey, Pegasus, Yugi Evolution, Structure Deck Invincible Fortress) You take no Battle Damage this turn
Your monsters cannot be destroyed as a result of battle this turn
Wall Shadow (Spell Ruler) This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set
This card can only be Special Summoned by Tributing "Labyrinth Wall" equipped with "Magical Labyrinth"
Winged Minion (Legacy of Darkness, Dark Beginning 2) Tribute this face-up card
Increase the ATK and DEF of the monster by 700 points as long as it remains face-up on the field
Witch of the Black Forest (Metal Raiders, Starter Decks: Pegasus, Kaiba Evolution, Dark Beginning 2) When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, select 1 monster with a DEF of 1500 or less from your Deck, show it to your opponent, and add it to your hand
Woodland Sprite (Legacy of Darkness, Dark Beginning 2) Send 1 Equip Card equipped to this card to the Graveyard
Inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points
XY-Dragon Cannon (Magician's Force, Dark Revelation vol
1) "X-Head Cannon" + "Y-Dragon Head" This card can only be Special Summoned from your Fusion Deck by removing from play the above cards on your side of the field
This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard
Discard 1 card from your hand to destroy 1 face-up Spell or Trap Card on your opponent's side of the field
XYZ-Dragon Cannon (Magician's Force, 2003 Collector's Tins, Dark Revelation vol
1, Duelist Pack -Chazz Princetion-) "X-Head Cannon" + "Y-Dragon Head" + "Z-Metal Tank" This card can only be Special Summoned from your Fusion Deck by removing from play the above cards on your side of the field
This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard
By discarding 1 card from your hand, destroy 1 card on your opponent's side of the field
XZ-Tank Cannon (Magician's Force, Dark Revelation vol
1) "X-Head Cannon" + "Z-Metal Tank" This card can only be Special Summoned from your Fusion Deck by removing from play the above cards on your side of the field
This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard
Discard 1 card from your hand to destroy 1 face-down Spell or Trap Card on your opponent's side of the field
Y-Dragon Head (Magician's Force, Dark Revelation vol
1) Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to your "X-Head Cannon" as an Equip Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position
(1 monster can only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time
If the equipped monster is destroyed as a result of battle, destroy this card instead
YZ-Tank Dragon (Magician's Force, Dark Revelation vol
1) "Y-Dragon Head" + "Z-Metal Tank" This card can only be Special Summoned from your Fusion Deck by removing from play the above cards on your side of the field
This card cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard
Discard 1 card from your hand to destroy 1 face-down Monster Card on your opponent's side of the field
Z-Metal Tank (Magician's Force, Dark Revelation vol
1) Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to your "X-Head Cannon" or "Y-Dragon Head" as an Equip Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position
(1 monster can only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time
If the equipped monster is destroyed as a result of battle, destroy this card instead
Zombie Tiger (Magician's Force, Dark Revelation vol
1) Once per turn, during your Main Phase, if you control this card on the field, you can equip it to your "Decayed Commander" as an Equip Card, OR unequip the Union equipment and Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position
(1 monster can only be equipped with 1 Union Monster at a time
If the equipped monster is destroyed as a result of battle, destroy this card instead
From Aegis Studios, the people who brought you Dry Spell, the hilarious indie romantic comedy, comes a web series about a woman who revives her grandmother's superhero career
Starring Sierra Holmes as Diana Bowman (aka The Masque), and written and directed by Travis Legge, individual episodes are available for download for just 99 cents on Drive - Thru - RPG
"Diana Bowman, granddaughter of a Golden Age superhero, discovers the truth of her family heritage upon inheriting her grandmother's worldly possessions
Seeing how awful the world is, and inspired by her grandmothers youthful crusades, Diana adopts the identity of the Masque and begins patrolling the city as a vigilante hero
With the assistance of a retired superhero from the 1940s the Masque begins a series of adventures fighting crime and standing for justice
Aldus (What They Say, Headline News) as Octobriana and MANY more
" -- from The Legacy of the Masque's Indie - Go - Go page
Each episode starts with a voice-over explaining that Rockford, Illinois--where the series was filmed and takes place--is the ninth worst city for crime, according to the FBI
The Masque has taken up the mantle of her grandmother to fight back against this crime
The series starts with Masque rescuing a lone girl being robbed by two brutes
After the girl leaves, Masque returns home to chat with her mentor only to discover a super villain is afoot
And not just any super villain, one who can read minds and possibly expose Masque's secret identity
A fun super hero series with quite a few nods to the Golden Age of comics, Legacy of the Masque is a must-watch
If you can't get enough Legacy of the Masque and want to dive even deeper into their story and characters, Aegis Studios also puts out gaming material using the d20 system
This way, you, too can play as Masque, Captain Future, Spectro, or an original character against those from the series
Legacy of the Masque individual episodes and gaming materials on Drive - Thru - RPG:
Coolio first scored mainstream fame in the '90s with a brand of hip hop that was rooted in California gangster rap, but still appealed to a wider audience
Bridging these gaps has always been Coolio's specialty
Though he first got his start in the gangster rap scene of L
in the '80s, he first made his impact as a solo artist
The first official Coolio album, 1994's It Takes a Thief, gave him his first hit, "Fantastic Voyage
" The single took some of the funk influence of gangster rap, but softened some of the edges for a broad audience
Then, just a year later, Coolio recorded a new song for the movie Dangerous Minds, a pure slab of mid-'90s gangster rap called, appropriately, "Gangsta's Paradise
" It was a monster radio hit and would live on as his lasting mainstream music legacy
In recent years, though, Coolio has endeared himself to a new subculture: juggalos, a fandom centered around the hardcore underground rap group Insane Clown Posse
Though ICP and the artists on the group's own record label, Psychopathic Records, are juggalos' favorite artists, they also appreciate a wide swath of music that includes many genres of rap and hard rock
So it's no surprise that there's a link between Coolio, despite his gangster rap origin, and juggalos today
The evolution first started in the late '90s, when Coolio had a hard time, as most artists would, following the success of such a big hit as "Gangsta's Paradise
" The sound of gangster rap was changing, and he turned to other forms of entertainment, like movies and TV
But Coolio never abandoned gangster rap or music in general, and continued to record new albums and tour
His first exposure to juggalos and their subculture came in 2010, when he hit the road on a national tour with Insane Clown Posse
Though much of the larger gangster rap world had moved on from Coolio, he found in the juggalos a welcoming fan community that was open to his new material as well as his old hits
He also expressed in interviews an appreciation for the juggalos' anything-goes party attitude, and he forged a lasting friendship with the guys of Insane Clown Posse themselves
To show his appreciation for the juggalos, last year Coolio decided to get a tattoo commemorating the tour and his new fans
The design featured ICPs hatchet man and the words "Jugalo Cool," which he said, for whatever reason, was an intentional misspelling
Juggalos loved it, though, and further embraced him, and his position in the juggalo family was only extended by an appearance at the Gathering of the Juggalos
Coolio will appear again at the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos, which takes place this year from August 11 to 14
The lineup features several gangster rap artists similar to Coolio, like Ice Cube and Busta Rhymes, as well as rock bands, comedians, wrestlers, and more
There's still time to get tickets, so visit Gathering web site for full details
The Gathering of the Juggalos is an essential summer camping experience for fans of hardcore underground rap and rock, as well as comedy and pro wrestling
At four days and less than $200 a ticket, it's also one of the most affordable summer camping festivals this year
So if you are a fan of gangster rap music, visit the Gathering website for full details at
The streets of London are expected to be packed with enthusiastic fans on Sunday for the London 2012 Women''
s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, and Buckingham Palace
But London is by no means the only place where you can see large groups of runners testing their endurance and pounding the streets for mile after mile
Marathons and half-marathons are hugely popular in Britain, taking place around the country, and attracting large numbers of runners (they are often oversubscribed) as well as spectators
Many of the events raise millions of pounds for charity, and runners are often dressed in colourful and comic outfits, giving a festival atmosphere
The Great North Run in Newcastle - Gateshead claims to be ''
From just 5,000 runners in 1981, the event now attracts more than 54,000 participants each year, with representatives from over 40 countries, and with world-class distance runners as well as enthusiastic beginners
The course takes in the iconic Tyne Bridge and finishes in the coastal town of South Shields, with live music, refreshment and thousands of cheering supporters keeping the runners motivated en route
This year the event takes place over the weekend of 15 and 16 September - as well as the half marathon there is a shorter 5km route taking in the Quayside, including the Sage Gateshead, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and the Millennium Bridge
The Great Manchester Run was set up as part of the legacy of the Commonwealth Games held in the city in 2003, and also attracts a good mix of runners
The route passes Old Trafford, home to Manchester United, and the iconic buildings of the Imperial War Museum North and Lowry Arts Centre
Arguably the most scenic of all the British events is the Loch Ness Marathon and Festival of Running, held this year on 30 September
The runners pass along the shore of the famous Scottish lake before heading into the centre of the city of Inverness
As well as the mountain views, there is always the chance of glimpsing the legendary monster, Nessie''
The London 2012 football city of Cardiff is getting into the spirit of the Games by extending the number of entries to 20,012 for the Cardiff Half Marathon
It takes place for the tenth time, on 14th October, beginning in front of Cardiff Castle, then heading down into Cardiff Bay, past the new Dr Who Experience and the Norwegian church before heading back into the centre of the city
If you fancy a World Heritage Site to go with your run, try the Bath Half Marathon - the next one takes place in March 2013
The start and finish is on Great Pulteney Street, in the heart of Georgian Bath, and the route covers a two-lap, traffic free course on both sides of the River Avon
The London2012 Marathon route starts and finishes in the Mall, and athletes complete a first loop of 2
2 miles, which takes them to the River Thames, south to the Houses of Parliament, and back up to The Mall past Buckingham Palace
After this they run back to the river, and this time head east, towards the City of London and beyond to the Tower of London, in an eight-mile loop that is repeated three times before crossing the finishing line
Try the Sherlock Holmes just off Northumberland Avenue - the upstairs room is furnished like the legendary detective''
s consulting rooms; or maybe the Blackfriar pub in Queen Victoria Street in the City, a narrow wedge-shaped building with Art Nouveau interiors and decorated with laughing friars
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Absolutely adore your ex and dislike your ex - in addition to there are actually quite possibly additional with the other
n comparison to the original - it's not possible to allow using a grudging affection intended for British Accent Airways' embattled BOSS Willie Walsh
Typically the combative Irishman celebrates, any time that is the most suitable word, his particular junior high birthday in control at the beginning for November : five numerous years who have experienced an air travel browse through further traumas not to mention downturn compared to British Accent ever before was evident that possible for a particular airfare, let alone a person TOP DOG, to deal with
At this point BA and even Walsh's buyers look at the cusp of a marvelous alteration because of any long-awaited transatlantic alliance by using National Air carriers as well as desired completion eventually this coming year on the combination with the help of Iberia
However the poisonous dispute while using the hard-core with disaffected cabin rental folks continues to rumble in while Getting Organization Travel and leisure decided on press, certainly, there sounds smaller uncertainty in which presently it's Walsh who's got the top personally, however any kind of 'victory' would have been a Pyrrhic an individual provided the particular legacy of music connected with poor experiencing which could are
If ever the investors from each BA in addition to Iberia at last take on typically the merger this particular fall months, then simply Walsh will offer right up your partner's 'day job' as major on the air carrier along with seize control seeing that CEO with the completely new storing business getting established, named Overseas Consolidated Flight companies Party (ICAG, fx trading at the stock exchange since World Airline carriers Party)
Her renewal seeing that BA chief executive is actually slated to remain typically the airline's present leader financial expert Keith Williams
The Iberia merging could build Europe's 3 rd largest commercial airline by way of revenue once Discuss France-KLM and Lufthansa, by means of a few 419 jet hovering to make sure you across two hundred vacation spots
Currently BA lures to 141 hotspots accompanied by a fleet involving 238
The actual combination for near-equals (BA will present a good just a little even larger talk about on the joined staff) is definitely aimed toward sealing gross saving money of approximately 350 k 1 year through 2015, in addition to the 60m twelve months BA claims it is safeguarding through minimizing cabin crew details with its long-haul routes (the very first grounds for any warehousing stage)
Though in addition to the financial savings all the combination can perform so that you can each airlines' benefits -- BA to the Upper Ocean, Iberia to Latina The states : at the same time even supplying the method to both equally flight companies to cultivate products and services from their Heathrow and also Madrid-Barajas hubs
Walsh, inside the response to all the government's block at a latest runway by Heathrow, made clear that will BA would probably be required to widen using Madrid, that has 4 runways so that you can Heathrow's 2
However if it turns out any merger can be completed for the reason that British Accent organized : additionally, the Iberia table as a result require a good investment by the ending of this calendar month (September) if perhaps BA shows it consists of their retirement provide for 'black hole' in hand : this most likely are not the bottom with Walsh's goals and objectives
"We have got produced some sort of company competent at to be scaled all the way up, inches she or he explained to an excellent Aviation Pub during London not too long ago
"ICAG is not really regarding placing BA together with Iberia together with each other - its approximately having a platform to develop some service provider for world wide dimensions, inch the person shows
Future prey may consist of Qantas, exactly who Walsh tested towards 'bounce' towards a deal around later 2008 at the same time mainly because speaking to Iberia, the transfer which implied
anxiety within the impede swiftness connected with switch she surely could realize for the airliner once taking on around 2005
Now, having said that, Walsh appears to have taken a very customer British Accent adventure, but not only with the help of creating a different system but regarding his process of coping with your pensionable and also economic associations matters
This is exactly no place even more very clear as opposed to in your quest for a fabulous transatlantic alliance together with Oneworld spouse AA
Made use of on 1996, that then-BA main Joe Ayling commenced typically the courtship connected with AA, which was looking towards a fabulous offer, while this overtures were being blocked just by U
government bodies because of the prominence may well allow the alliance concerning money-making To the north Ocean territory
The INDIVIDUALS go-ahead on 2008 for the Discuss France-Delta connections throughout the Atlantic together with a six-way tie-up connected with Sky - Team affiliates invited Walsh to regenerate typically the project
brisk other about Friend Richard Branson, whoever Virgin Atlantic airplane is short for to forfeit most from your BA-AA alliance away from Heathrow, the us (and additionally EU) government bodies sent typically the go-ahead within overdue Come july 1st for that connections to begin the process it fall
This can observe BA plus AA jointly arranged charges regarding US along with European aircraft, timetable ones own expertise in order to avoid overlap and additionally perform hallux joint distribution
A 'price' paid simply by British Accent both carrier's networks seemed to be a fabulous humble demand to discontinue three pairs with take-off and even obtaining plug-ins from Heathrow airport
Nonetheless BA will see it's prominence of those slot machines with the airport terminal grow forcefully because of the introducing AA's slots -- with 41 % with an determined forty nine %
Basically no wonder Branson requests the idea a good "monster monopoly"
This anti-trust immunity for the purpose of BA not to mention AA of course by your U
Transport Division moreover covers Iberia, when you can find an linked deal giving more detailed co-operation approximately Iberia in addition to a few some other subscribers for the Oneworld connections - Finnair and additionally Regal Jordanian Airlines
The particular timing in the alliance establishing this unique autumn cannot are already superior just for BA
San francisco will be the carrier's biggest route and also the rebirth with the personal field after the collapse about Lehman Brothers twenty-four gone has witnessed a great bounce-back from it's lucrative Premium potential customers for you to new york as well as YOU generally
Seeing that, pre-crunch, the bulk of BA's top 10 collaborative consumers were being all major Destination mortgage lenders and also other lenders, it will be hardly surprising that your go back belonging to the good times to the banks (emphasised by most of the bumper income inside the earliest 50 % of 12 months) has got found buoyant call for through bankers and various bankers
Furthermore regarding BA, there's besides become a new resume typically the Premium cabins but more some sort of determination to search in costlier unrestricted prices
Walsh states which will inside the with three months for the stop involving 06, any airline's produce in every hold seemed to be upwards 13
5 percent, in part as a result of rebirth trading traveling along with "a change oh no - thoroughly manageable fares inside Premium cabins"
Although cabin crew affects include evidently generated quite a few make affect, having Virgin mobile, defined, getting to possess acquired many dissatisfied home business vacationers together with due to the visits, BA is intending towards restrict the long-term have an impact on having a few system together with in business upgrades
The overhauled First class log cabin, as an example, has already been established regarding reasoning better aircraft plying the modern York choice, by using blueprints to make sure you throw them through across the overall long-haul fast because of the conclusion in 2011
BA's Heathrow house for British Accent Airport terminal 5 in addition has turned out roaring success looking for an unfortunate come from 08, along with the latest ability at present getting seen beyond 50 zillion persons slide through and also and helps to enhance the airline's checklist to get both punctuality as well as totes dealing with
BA, criticised if you are slower previously to help you incorporate cutting edge solutions, has recently unveiled different cellular telephone applications to get Govt Golf iron paid members, including boarding hands in i-phones and this can be scanned from check-in
Typically the deal with high-yielding company shoppers from British Accent Town as well as Canary Wharf has been enhanced by dedicated Golf club World-only services right from Manchester Locale Air-port to help you Nyc JFK, utilising reduced A318 airliner together with only just thirty-two flat-bed seats
After having a slower commence in 2009 as soon as monetary restoration has been however for doubting, organization desire for this support includes accelerated slowly based on vacation supervision organizations, though Heathrow nevertheless standing optimum within recognition with the better consistency British Accent associated with arrivals BA presents truth be told there
The metropolis possesses reciprocated BA's attentions by having an just about evenly bullish position around the airline's qualified prospects, although it built a 164m pre-tax reduction during the end-June three months (compared with your shortfall with 148m a year ago) and possesses never paid for a new dividend upon it has the gives you ever since 2001
Certain two-thirds of this 20 stockbroker experts what individuals cover this gives you quote typically the shares your purchase and likely to outshine, through not one ranking them a good sell off
Any promote expense has additionally outperformed the key FTSE 100 list notably this holiday season notwithstanding an affect within the folks visitors plus volcanic ash dysfunction, along with an opinion from experts setting up some 280p fee objective about future 12 several weeks alongside a higher thus far this current year regarding 255p (prevailing BA shareholders will get an one-for-one swapping within their conveys for any latest Abroad British Accent Air carriers Number detailed around the Birmingham alternate; Iberia shareholders might obtain 1
Metropolis, of course, could go wrong and often may consequently spectacularly
Nevertheless British Accent doyens for the Pillow Distance want Walsh's very difficult foot position about the Heathrow-based vacation cabin folks, as they quite simply aspect the software like treating any high-cost platform in addition to out-of-date earning a living practitioners, any musical legacy of this pre-privatisation period in the 1970s
That experts claim all the airplane has a fabulous dollars harmony of just one
seventy-five billion dollars during the bank or investment company - together 35m on the end-June three months in the stability during end-March : suggests these are unfazed from the failures within the last few two complicated decades
This great bucks in addition is convinced that the personal savings by the Iberia in addition to American bargains can significantly enhance BA's cost you starting point at a time anytime it will gather the advantages from your robust recuperation around business enterprise and travelling
Even so the dispute along with Heathrow airport cabin crew, even so, assumes a greater value once establish contrary to the excessive cost-based and even entrenched unions with together Iberia and also North american which continue to need to be efficiently undertaken by means of each totes
Although now there looks like your longer-term idea involved than simply your small argue more than travel fringe benefits, BA may be very willing avoiding any sort of main advice in 'union-bashing' -- not necessarily the very least as the Combine union symbolizing vacation cabin producers additionally signifies several BA staff, as well as Heathrow terminal staff
Just what could very well not work out using the BA rebirth
The tolerance in dealing with complicated complications is without a doubt interpreted by way of a lot of when stubbornness; his wisdom is usually showcased, while proven by T5 launching disaster; and also court 's still through over the goal of BA's separate Open - Skies airliner of which flies out of Paris to help you Newark, New york and even Houston
There's also worries among the airline's option traders this BA chairman Martin Broughton appears to be currently have sacrificed interest', specially since they paid out the summertime trying to sell Gatwick FC to the unfamiliar consumer subsequently after remaining parachuted within early on at the moment when chairman of this clubhouse by mortgage lenders the software supposed to be paid revenue to help
Broughton, who was designated BA chairman within 2004 along with who may be furthermore very much linked to Confederation connected with British Accent Enterprise (CBI) counts, it could be that need to have already been more supporting in public areas connected with Walsh while in the folks argue
With the claustrophobic world connected with BA conspiracy notions it has brought about ideas your dog doesn't necessarily assist Walsh's complicated path, though this is vigorously refused through BA options
A lot more credible clarification is definitely who Walsh plainly likes becoming in charge; attempts by block following a botched T5 cracking open to appoint a highly skilled chief working policeman with supporting the dog have been medically deflected as a result of Walsh
But amongst BA's most effective advantages : it's exceptional essential safety history : can be potentially it is most significant a weakness
Since BP noticed so that you can it is cost you in the Gulf carry on the summer months, a member of family little mechanical catastrophe can get popular backlashes designed for the two potential future of an important world corporation plus personally because of its BOSS
Typically the accident getting with Jan 08 of an BA Boeing 777 coming to Heathrow from Beijing revealed to how your similar your border meant for fault still is around aviation, although flying remains to be a tremendously healthy method of moving
Acquiring disadvantages, on the other hand, might be something original Aer Lingus initial Walsh realizes solely much too perfectly, simply because your partner's final choice to privately fly on an airline at a BA try out flight over the volcanic ash emergency quicker 2010 undoubtedly displayed
Yet his purchase to be certain British Accent remains to be among the list of international significant insurers from an evolving world wide marketplace is known as a bet your dog feels the crna can gain
For every cigarette there are, at least by my count, three passer-by'
s whom feel compelled to criticize my choice to quietly (however nauseously) to kill myself
My resolve only strengthened to continue the legacy of cowboy-killers by such avid reproach
From friends, family, girl-friends and co-workers I paid no heed, just money
The hypocrisy lies in the fact that I am a thrifty shopper
Fifty dollars could not so easily slip through my fingers yet forty-eight subtracted itself every week to buy cartons of cigarettes
Now, being fairly reasonable and scientific, I took these '
from strangers and loved ones as attempts to suppress free-will
How foolish it all seems now looking back through the eyes of a man haunted by his blatantly foolish choice
t seen the endless television anti-smoking campaigns or heard the rather morbid sounding radio messages
However, the true struggle is not inherent in whether or not I wish to be a non-smoker nor conformity issues
Underlining behind shock-awareness tactics of groups such as '
s controlling power, however, this was the very essence of my turmoil
Nicotine invaded and laid siege to my daily routine for ten years
Each morning started with a cigarette and each night ended with a cigarette
Carrying that life-killer between my fingers gave me something tangible to relieve stress as the chemical became symbiotic with my body
Just as a writer feels connected to pen as an extension of oneself, so I too assimilated said posture naturally
Six years into the habit I sought out alternative aides to quitting smoking
I wore the patch, I chewed the gum, sucked the lozenge and swallowed the pills to no avail
These experiments allowed for dual wielding of cigarette and quitting aide
I can remember feeling dark and dirty, even as a smoker I realized my behavior was neither understandable nor wise
I felt like rejected from society, family did their part in endless nagging and chiding to pressure me to quite
Smoking was cool amongst kids seeking for some rebellious act, some way of giving everyone else we saw the finger, metaphorically, and smoking became our zenith
Curiously, maybe two years ago, I unilaterally decided to give my liver a hand by abstaining from alcohol
Instigated from viewing pictures on the internet, my mind was made up not to suffer from cirrhosis
A thought stark naked in its obviousness struck me: if I had the will power to successfully end this binge-drinking addiction, why not smoking
Sure, a pack may be easily slipped into ones trouser pockets, however, when I decided to give my liver a helping hand I failed to recognize the lungs pertinent tasks concerning my body
My lungs, alone, are responsible for getting sufficient oxygen to the brain, in my blood, simply existing
Nicotine, my panacea to problems, at all times conferring with my cigarette side-kick on proper action
Tobacco beguiled me into thinking life could not taste as sweet without the proper, '
What a sad creature I had become, so over-run by nicotine'
s hateful regime every second of every day for ten years
Counseling acts only as parley to the solution and I wished to change my life
Knowing such paramount decisions may only be accomplished through proper planning and careful thought, I searched myself for the answers
Being an early riser, this was my first opportunity to smoke
The plan I developed appears thusly: at 7:30 am I would smoke and again at 11:45 am
2:00 pm was my next slot until 6:30 pm when the last puff of smoke was inhaled
If, for instance, I were to miss or skip any slot another cigarette could not be had until the next scheduled time; no make-up sessions allowed
Focused and determined, quitting this time was different because I wanted it
I wanted to show myself that there lies no challenge within the world Aden Fule cannot overcome
Like going without fast-food or giving up chocolate for lent, this would be an everlasting sacrifice
No more cigarette euphoria, the poison had to be drawn and my body allowed to heal
For the next five days I adhered rigorously to my schedule, actively forcing myself not to cheat
My palms sweated profusely, I felt edgy, groggy and increasingly irritable
As co-workers trooped faithfully every hour on the hour to smoke, I instead sat in my chair and gripped the arm rests making every effort, physically and mentally, to break nicotine'
I needed it so bad, this feeling of momentary completeness
Yearnings intensified, the jitters increased exponentially and each second rolled by slower than a millennia
Feeling shaky on my resolve though dependent on my pride, I subtracted that 7:30 am slot
Now it came down to only three hours a day making the hours in between worse
But after the next five days of this, a noticeable change came over me
I was no longer sweating profusely as I had been first starting
My body took the hint that we were not turning back and the smell of my own cigarettes turned my stomach; the stench was unbearable
Not out of the woods but across the pond, I eventually cut out that last remaining smoking time for good
Often I am asked the worst point in all of this and my reply is the same: 2006 to present day
s exactly one year since I last had a cancer stick
I feel absolutely great taking up running during the wee-mornings and finally being able to go on dates without extreme breath-freshening measures
I went to the dentist to have this teeth bleaching procedure, finally able to maintain those picturesque pearly-whites
Other friends found this experience empowering adapting my program to fit their needs and successfully quitting while other friends did not
They complain about my procedures, however, I am quick to add that it is not the cessation style nor its methods rather personal perseverance and strength; you have to want it
Ultimately I came to terms with personal issues finding myself along the way, flowering into a stronger, more capable individual
This is true of anything, not strictly addictions and may be applied to any goal, desire, want or situation
A person must realize how they are habitually conducting themselves or behaving does not constitute a desired personality
Not those around us nagging or threatening, an individual must stare that affliction in its face and say '
Once we understand how overcoming obstacles work applying the lesson in the future becomes easier
Just think about my new personal motto: Because I was does not mean I forever must be
The Man, The Myth, The Legend - An individual that brings an entirely new significance to the word "Dynamic
" This man has had his fair share of controversy - appearing more times in court than any regular circuit judge, the legacy and dynasty that he has created for himself has been outstanding
From pleasant interactions to obscure obscenity related charges, Larry Flynt, the creator of Hustler Magazine has turned into a bigger social outcast than the Hills
With his provocative adult magazine, Larry Flynt has made his livelihood from being as obnoxious as he possibly can, just about offending every inch of humanity he comes into contact with
Just to give you an idea of how rude and unbearable this man can be, he slanders, banters and fantasizes even those he hasn
was conceived on November 1st 1942, in Magoffin County of Kentucky, to Edith and Larry Flynt Sr
His Childhood goes a long way in defining the end result of what we know as Larry Flynt, Hustler Magazine Kingpin of today
Things picked up when Edith finally divorced Larry Sr
to live in Indiana where, during his adolescent years, he was introduced to minor smut and minor pornography
Flynt was not enthusiastic when it came to his studies and dropped out of school to later join the army in 1958
With that, his interest that was the army, was short lived - he left within only a year and in 1959 joined the naval forces
He resided with the navy until 1964 where he took a job with General Motors in the state of Ohio
The Glorious Years: Fast forward - In 1970 Larry Flynt opened his first Hustler Strip Club in Cincinnati Ohio
His strip clubs quickly became SO popular that he soon found himself opening a string of Hustler Clubs around the USA
With there being an emphasis on scandalous activity, American
The pinnacle of strength came with the popularity of his clubs and with the passion for exoticism - Flynt launched his Hustler Magazine in 1974
The magazine had a hit the shelves running and soon blew up to 3 million circulations which in its heyday wasn
t half bad, especially with there being nudie pictures of Jackie Onassis
From there the magazine spiraled into a raunchy monster of a publication, becoming increasingly obscene over the years
The magazine depictions of nude couples "bonding" flared into such a legal battle with viewers that he and his lawyer were shot outside a county courthouse by a Joseph Franklin, who later confessed to the shootings, claiming outrage of Hustler
Unfortunately, the shooting left Larry paralyzed from the waist down and following the shooting, Flynt overdosed on painkilling medication consequently giving him a stroke which left him with a speech impediment
Over the years, Larry Flynt got himself into all kinds of other mischievous activity and controversial situation
For example, there was a claim that he bought fully nude pictures of minors from individuals who would "Con" the adolescents into posing for a modeling shoot with hopes of a stylish magazine cover, little did these young girls know there pictures would finally end up making it into a very special magazine
t be the end of Larry Flynt, as more problems re-surfaced in 1998
Flynt was to meet criminal charges once again as a number of obscenities surrounded the sale of sex videos of the youth of Cincinnati, charges were brought against by a number of adult stores who sold these video
After pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges and promising to never sell youth videos again, Flynt went about his merry way and now indulges in the dynasty and prowess that his
It saw the most polarizing figure in the NFL win a playoff game in walk-off fashion, only to be traded to the bench of New York City
It saw the most polarizing figure in the NBA finally get the championship monkey off his back
2012 gave us the first baseball Triple Crown winner since 1967 and denied us the first horse racing Triple Crown since 1978
In a year that saw London host an Olympic Games, a knuckleballer win the Cy Young, a boy named Bubba hit a miraculous shot to win The Masters, replacement referees make a mockery of the National Football League and the U
collapse in the Ryder Cup, no five events changed the landscape of sports more than the following:
June 26: College football playoff announced, finally Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick presented a proposal to a board of 12 university presidents, resulting in the end of the Bowl Championship Series
Long regarded as the worst postseason system in sports, college football took a step in the right direction agreeing to start with a four-team playoff system beginning in 2014
July 12: The Freeh Report released Independent judge Louis Freeh released the findings of an investigation into the rampant sexual assault by former assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University
The grand jury report had already been out, detailing the horrors that one man put multiple children through, but Freeh uncovered that there was an intricate cover-up, one that vilified the late Joe Paterno--tarnishing a previously immaculate legacy
The report led to some of the stiffest penalties in the history of the NCAA, and the first sanctions of its kind to a program for completely non-football related activity
This was a monster that cost Penn State its legacy
4: Oscar Pistorius competes in the Olympic Games Pistorius, a double amputee from South Africa, not only made history by being the first amputee to compete in a track & field event in the Olympic Games, he also brought attention to the Paralympic movement
His success--making it to the semifinals of the 400-meter race--brought much-deserved attention to the Paralympic Games that are held following the Olympic Games
In part because of Pistorius' fight to compete with able-bodied athletes, the London Paralympic Games became the most successful in history
4: Michael Phelps says goodbye The same day Oscar Pistorius helped the world say hello to the Paralympics, the world had to say goodbye to its, "Greatest Olympic Athlete of All-Time
" Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, with 18 gold medals, 22 Olympic medals in all, finished his competitive career in typical Phelps fashion: pure gold
When he finished his domination of the sport of swimming, with the help of teammates in the 400-meter medley relay, he was handed a trophy declaring him, "The Greatest Olympic Athlete of All Time
10: USADA releases Lance Armstrong report The man that was once the greatest source of inspiration, not just in sports, but the fight against cancer, had his world crash down on him on Oct
USADA released a 202-page document, with hundreds of pages of supporting evidence
It included confessions of doping from 11 former teammates, in all, the report revealed that Lance Armstrong was behind the greatest doping scheme in the history of sports
These five events were not your average Hail Mary or miraculous shot, they changed sports forever
The greatest moments in sports in 2013, 2014 and so on will be affected by these five events of 2012
I want you to think back and remember that first genius idea for a book you came up with
I know you remember it; no one ever forgets that first ambitious leap they make into writing
You know what it is- it is an earth shaking, ideology redefining, life changing idea
I would like you to think back to that moment where you had your first great idea for a novel, short story, or movie
Do you remember that excitement you felt in the moment you realized that this was your creation, your special thing that may define you to future generations
You hope to write that book you know you have buried deep inside
You tell yourself that this will be your legacy; this book you are about to create will be so amazing that people will analyze your work for years to come
Next, you work so hard to jot down every idea that pops into your head
You rush, scrawling note after note after note, turning out what appears to be the last original idea ever
You think about how the public will react when they get a hold of this gem
By the time they finally reach the major twist ending, the reader's head will explode, an angel will earn its halo, and every infant within a 5-mile radius will spontaneously burst into the most gleeful of laughter
Finally, after blood, sweat, tears and in my case, almost setting my house on fire (correct candle placement should be taught in college), you finish your novel
It is your first, and because it is so good, should probably be your last
In fact, this thing is so solid, it will probably cause all professional writers to quit because the competition is so stiff
Then you proudly give it to that person who has always believed in you, and ask them to read it
Since Mother is your biggest fan, she thinks this is better than gold
As it turns out, I could have nailed a piece of bologna to the side of an oak tree, covered it with Christmas lights and glitter, and it would have compared to a Picasso in her eyes
It is now time to quit the day job, because I will have no time with my new writing career taking off
The oddest thing started to happen as I passed out my novel for people to read
It turns out that some people don't exactly see eye to eye with mother, but what do they know
This is the woman who I have followed all my life; if she says it's good and I should continue writing then that's what I need to do
Encouraging me to push on was one of the best things you could have ever done
Even if it was with a story that only had expendable, 2-dimensional characters as deep as a teaspoon of vinegar, every cliche I could think of, and I'm pretty sure, at one point a monster with foothoofacles
So, after weighing all of the editors and their unique skill sets in the world, my choice was clear
I obviously picked my 20-year-old art major girlfriend and her friends to do the honors
They are the type of people that, when watching a movie and hearing the main villain say, "I'm going to kill you, Mr
In fact I'm going to kill you so badly in the end you will be dead, and when the mortician sees your dead body he will be like 'man that guy really just got killed by a killing killer who's been terrorizing the country side killing everyone,'" they would ask questions like, "do you think they are trying to kill him
" So, of course, they were the perfect people to sort through my obviously crystal clear logic and symbolism in my epic novel
It is comprised of all action scenes with little, to no dialogue (because that stuff is boring anyway and no one really wants to know what the main character is thinking
You may be just as surprised as I was to found out that my first novel was not the hit I thought it would be
Actually, to be clear, it was a hit- it hit the bottom of my dresser drawer where it will sit, never to be opened again
I fear if I ever did open the drawer to read it, the scene would look something like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which they open the Ark of the Covenant and everyone's Claymation faces melt
One might say I wasted months of my time turning out this terribly laughable novel
I say it was just progress, and I have grown immensely as a writer since then
In the end, many valuable lessons were learned, and that's all that we can hope for
It's never a waste of time, as long as we are all constantly growing
Chicago born screenwriter, director and comedic actor Harold Ramis died on Monday February 24 at the age of 69
The former hospital orderly, substitute teacher, journalist and member of Chicago's famed Second City comedy troupe ultimately brought us a string of movie comedy hits that produced pop culture icons
He first big screen work was co-writing the script for 1978's 'Animal House
' This groundbreaking and raucous college fraternity comedy featured a free-wheeling narrative rife with antiestablishment high jinks perpetrated by a group of outcasts
The following year, he transferred it to a summer camp setting in 'Meatballs
' This movie is notable for launching Bill Murray's big screen career in the lead role of an immature, fun-loving antiauthority counselor with a good heart
Next, in his directorial debut, Ramis let Murray steal the show in 1980's 'Caddyshack
' Applying his now tried and true formula to an exclusive golf club, Ramis produced a snobs vs
slobs comedy smash and firmly established himself as a top writer-director
His acting debut came as the comparatively more mature and sensible friend of Murray's in 'Stripes
' The down-on-their-luck buds turn the army upside down, get the girls and save the day in this classic military comedy
Next up was 1984's supernatural comedy smash 'Ghostbusters
' In only his second performance, Ramis found his most memorable role as the heroic spirit battling scientist goofball Dr
He then settled down a bit and brought us the more grounded and mildly romantic 'Groundhog Day' (1993)
An acerbic Bill Murray must continually relive a single day until he gets it right in this slow paced comic fantasy that's more amusing than funny but that still has a certain charm
It was a transitional effort that led to 'Analyze This' (1999) and its sequel 'Analyze That' (2002)
Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal play a mobster having a breakdown and the psychiatrist whose help he seeks in these final recommended gems
There are 3 big reasons to stop doing cardio that I'll share with you today, including that personally frightening study
#1) As I and other top trainers in Men's Health, like Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove, Martin Rooney, and even Dr
Kenneth Cooper (the father of 'cardio') have said, you do NOT need to do long, slow, boring cardio for hours each week to lose belly fat
Cardio is terrible for fat loss and helping you get the body of your dreams
But here's what else cardio does that you probably didn't know about
#2) Cardio causes muscle loss (aka "Cardio Catabolism')
When you do cardio, your muscles are broken down (catabolized) to release amino acids for energy
So imagine this, cardio is like playing "Jenga" with your muscles
robbing your muscles of the building blocks, and giving you a soft, flabby body
Do you know who is most likely to die doing a marathon
just read the conclusion from one of the most shocking scientific studies I read in 2013 (and I read over 300 studies a year
9 million marathon runners, the average marathon runner that died of a heart attack during a race was a 39 year old male
This study is all the reason I need to erase "running a marathon" from my 2014 plans
Wouldn't that just be the height of irony for me, Mr
"Just Say NO to Cardio", to attempt a marathon and die of a heart attack
Instead, I'll stick to awesome workouts like this one
If you like that workout, you'll love the new Metabolic Monster 3-for-1 Fat Burning Workout System
These 3 workouts are perfect for burning off Super Bowl Belly Fat
And yes, they are are a little bit longer - and more ADVANCED - than my normal workout, but they are still 100x's better than doing slow cardio for fat loss
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